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Posted by Imfifa, English Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore wflfifa12 publicly rebuffed Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho proposal, praoclaiming that the Premier League will not likely change the team fixtures with the war in Europe Champion.

Last season, the Premier League dismal record inside the Champions League, no team created the last eight. Mourinho noted that Premier League intensive schedule was one of many factors that affects the team. He called about the Premier to take into account learning La Liga, Serie A as well as other leagues, changing the schedule for the war in Europe Champion.

Using the transfer window only four days away plus the start of next years Premier League season a bit over 8 weeks away, we have now hit the stage where FIFA 15 may begin to breed an unquenchable internal thirst for FIFA 16. Obviously, EA Sports can be a tricky bugger that will not release their FIFA-child until per month following your season commences, contributing to the torture.

And so, bearing that in mind, we have to wonder how Arsenals players is going to be rated over the following installment of FIFA. There was many grumblings that Arsenal players were underrated (Giroud... a 79?!) in FIFA 15 and I am in partial agreement. Hector Bellerin used to be kicking it at the 67 when the growing season ended and Francis Coquelin was at 75.

Those are two key players that rose to glory with Arsenal however the all-wise, all knowing FIFA overlords saw their contributions as puny. Fair enough. Lets hope the FIFA overlords are happy with Arsenal for FIFA 16.


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