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What just happened in Austria should be a wake

Until recently, he was a virtual political unknown. Now, following a surprisingly effective hard right campaign for president, he's one of the most popular politicians in the land. His pledges have included a vague commitment to protecting jobs, from trade agreements and foreigners, while Muslims, in particular, are according to him a hive threat to the nation and its way of life. Tighter border controls and deportations were promised. Divisive is the word: while he has enormous support from a disaffected hardcore, he's also sparked protests.

At the end of the day, a mere 31,000 votes in 4.5 million prevented Austria's own Donald Trump from taking the country's highest position; just 0.6% of the total countrywide vote that on Monday stopped Austria from becoming the first European nation since the close of WWII to elect a far imitation hermes bags for sale right head of state. Instead, the presidency was given to Hofer's rival, former leader of the Austrian Green Party Alexander Van der Bellen (the hard swing to the other end of the political spectrum further evidence, if it were needed, of the current precarious state of global politics). Austria was saved, though as the Guardian's Owen Jones put it, that Hofer came so close is no cause for relief it's a reason to panic. For everyone. And America is no exception.

There are many parallels between Donald Trump and Norbert Hofer. Hofer, like Trump, has cried foul when a result hasn gone his way, before later backtracking under scrutiny (a Trump specialty by now). Hofer has also, like The Donald, shown bizarre hostility to an immediate neighbour: where Trump demands Mexico pay for imitation hermes bags price a wall dividing it and the US, Hofer wants Italy to simply up and hand a piece of former Austro Hungarian territory over to him. Even Hofer campaign slogan, "putting Austria first," echoes Trump own "Make America Great Again."

It can no longer be denied that there something in the air. Trump and Hofer aren't exceptions, but two individuals representing a global shift to the right. Not only in Europe, where UKIP (Britain), Front National (France), the AfD (Germany), Party of Freedom (the Netherlands) and the SVP (Switzerland) are all steadily surging. Israel just imitation enamel gold jewelry elected the most right wing government in its history; two weeks ago the people of the Philippines made Rodrigo Duterte, known as "the Asian Donald Trump," their president; even famously left leaning South America has jolted rightward, putting an end to its so called Pink Tide. The whole world, so desperate in these unstable times, is developing a taste for right wing politics. America is no exception.

Norbert Hofer alone wouldn't have changed the world. Austria isn't such a power that a far right president there could have greatly impacted global politics. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is vying to be president of the most powerful nation on Earth, and there's enough reason to think he could do it. Not just because the entire planet generally appears to be moving in that direction: In crucial swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania, neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton have significant enough leads for anyone to confidently predict the outcome there, while in national polls Trump is now actually slightly ahead of his likely Democratic rival. As much as we hope we'll be saved before November comes, we must now believe that President Trump is possible.

Der Spiegel definitive article from early in the year, 'Donald Trump Is the World Most Dangerous Man,' reads: "his candidacy ceased to be amusing long ago. Trump demands are too extreme for that, and his view of the world and humanity too dangerousSome polls show that Trump Knockoff cabag hermes price even stands a realistic chance of winning the White House in a possible face off with Hillary Clinton." This was written back in February, before any votes had even been cast, and still at no point do we appear to have come round to heeding the message. Why, exactly, are we still laughing?

We just that sure that Donald Trump can be president. Trump's America sounds too ridiculous to those of us who run in progressive circles, and the paranoid, conspiratorial right wing media doesn penetrate here. Confirming the gut feeling of those of us in the liberal bubble are the pundits, who share our apparent certainty that Trump can't win, confident that their incorrect earlier predictions that Trump would drop out early, would take no states, would never in a million years take the Republican nomination, were just blips. Trump is too extreme, too hateful, too dangerous, and we supposedly civilized Westerners are too educated in the perils of the far right to make him the next president of the United States.

Perhaps what just very nearly happened in Austria is the wakeup call we need. Austria is not just any European country. Small it may be, but there significance in a far right president almost taking power there. This is the birthplace of fascism, Hitler own country of origin; a state which was happily annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938, and was comfortably part of the Third Reich until its downfall seven years later. The Austrian people will understand better than most the dangers of the far right. Some who lived through it are still alive there today. And despite that, the Austrian people just almost handed their country over to a man promising to make life better by punishing minorities and the marginalized. If it could happen there, it could happen anywhere. And America is no exception.
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Whisper reveals teachers' shocking confessions about their students

Teaching is of the most challenging jobs in the world.

Not only do you have to deal with the daily struggle of molding young minds, but you're often overworked and underpaid. On top of this, students can be disrespectful, mean, or downright rude. But cranky students pale in comparison to how nasty and vindictive certain teachers can be.

Frustrated and angry educators have taken to the anonymous sharing app Whisper to air their grievances about their jobs, and the students that they teach and the secret thoughts they share aren't pretty.

Scroll down for video

Shhh: Whisper users can post their comments publicly without fear of retribution as there is no way to Knockoff gold and enamel jewelry tie a single user to the horrible secrets they reveal

We've all had that nagging suspicion that our teacher didn't like us and it turns out that gut feeling may be more fact than fiction.

On Whisper, teachers admit that they regularly play favorites when it comes to grading, with some admitting that they don't even bother to read their pupils' homework before marking it. Others confessed to punishing students arbitrarily when they don't like the way they look or if they point out an error.

'Whenever I'm wrong and a student corrects me, I find a imitation hermes bags for sale way to punish him or her without letting it be obvious,' one writes.

'I'm a teacher and I hate to admit that I hate these kids sometimes. and by sometimes I mean usually,' writes another.

Not quite teacher's pet: Some teachers despise their students and can hardly managed to go to work in the morning

'As a teacher, I'm not supposed to have favorite students, but Idefinitelydo,' another says.

One educator reveals that they specifically grade students who they don't like more harshly.

One Whisper user admits that they 'honestly don't care' about their students' lives and another says they enjoy predicting the future of their students 'based off their looks.'

The spoiled rich kids in their classroom drive one user insane while another teacher admits that Knockoff black enamel bracelet she's cruel to the popular girls in class because those types of girls were never nice to her growing up.

Another teacher says they regularly throw student papers in the trash bin, regardless of how hard the students have worked on them.

Shockingly, one teacher even admits fantasies of violence against students. They discuss the desire to 'punch a kid right in the face and laugh'.

The student becomes the teacher: Good teachers get more from the job than they can ever give back. They are proud of their students and feel happy when they succeed

Not all teachers use their power for evil, however. One writes that she particularly enjoys playing matchmaker with her pupils, assigning potentiallycompatiblecouples to work together on partner projects.

Another says that she always takes care to pre assign lab groups. If she doesn't there will be one child who never gets picked and she doesn't want anyone to feel left out.

'I'm a teacher and the biggest way I could let my students down is if they don't see how much I care about them,' writes an educator. 'I worry about that more than anything else I teach'.

'My students put me in a better mood,' says another user, 'this is why I teach.

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What should I eat if I have diabetes

I am type 2 diabetic trying to create a daily diet, and snacks, food program that I can use to prevent getting the terrible sick feeling that comes when my sugar goes too low. I would like to store these foods and snacks in my home so that I can reach them when necessary. Please name the foods, and snacks, as well as the proper times to consume them. Also when is the time to take Metformin even if your readings are regular and you feel OK? Thank you for your answer to these questions.

Hi, Barbara. To prevent hypoglycemia and to minimize the complications associated with diabetes including heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems and infection, it is important to keep blood sugar levels as steady as possible throughout the day. To accomplish this, I recommend trying to combine some type of lean protein (skinless chicken, fish, turkey, lean ground beef, beans, egg whites, low fat cottage cheese or yogurt) or healthy fat (olive oil, canola oil, nuts, seeds, avocado) with a healthy carbohydrate with each meal or snack.

Make sure to choose healthy, low sugar, antioxidant rich carbohydrates like whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, cereal, crackers, quinoa, barley), whole fruit (not juice or dried fruit) and vegetables. These types of carbohydrates are generally low glycemic, which means they increase blood sugar less rapidly than highly processed, refined, sugar filled carbohydrates. Naturally high fiber foods are always a good choice as they slow the emptying of food from your stomach, which helps improve blood sugar Knockoff gold bracelets for men control. By preventing spikes in blood sugar, you can also prevent the crashes that follow.

It is also important to try to eat regularly throughout the day. Try not to let more than four hours go by without having either a meal or snack, to prevent blood sugar from getting too low. And do your best to eat within 30 minutes or so of waking up.

How well are you managing your diabetes? Take this test

Since you talk about storing foods in your home, I going to give you some of the best canned and Knockoff white enamel bracelet frozen choices, although fresh is always a great choice if you have the option. Here are some staples to keep on hand:

1. Nuts: Nuts (both peanuts, which are actually legumes, and nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.) contain healthy fats, fiber and heart healthy plant based protein. They make great snacks alone or with a piece of fruit or can be thrown on a salad or into yogurt for added crunch and nutrition.

2. Beans: These are also excellent sources of fiber and plant based protein. Drain and rinse canned beans to decrease salt content. Beans work great in soups and chili, on salads or as a healthy side dish. I a big fan of bean based soups like minestrone, vegetable or lentil as a healthy lunch or pre dinner appetizer.

3. Frozen vegetables: I always have lots of frozen vegetables on hand for healthy side dishes. Try seasoning with a little olive oil (healthy fat) and spices instead of salt for extra flavor.

4. Canned tuna and chicken (water packed and low sodium when copy vintage hermes bags available): These provide a quick and healthy lunch or dinner replica black enamel bracelet option. Mix with mustard or a little olive oil based spread and serve on whole grain bread or in a whole wheat pita pocket (both of which you could freeze to have extra on hand)

5. Frozen fruit: I a big fan of frozen berries, which are loaded with antioxidants (important to decrease the complications of diabetes) and fiber. I use them to make smoothies for breakfast (with plain non fat yogurt or protein powder and one or two tablespoons of ground flax seed for healthy fat), and sometimes I defrost them and top with a little light whipped topping or low fat vanilla yogurt for a healthy and tasty dessert.

Regarding your Metformin, you should talk to your doctor regarding the best time to take it, as it depends on the type of pill you are taking. In general, however, Metformin should not cause low blood sugar episodes and should be taken with meals.
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Wall Mount Your Wii for Next to Nothing

The Wii not being very heavy, and rather slim, a slingusing cable tieswill do the trick. You will need the type with the screw mounting hole tabs. Running the wires through the wall would have been a problem with that Wii sensor bar thingy. The power replica fashion bangles bracelets and the RFaudio connections where already in place behind the TV. A search on the web turned up a possible solution done in clear lexan for around copy hermes outlet store $30 with shipping. Very nice, but Ineeded a fix now, not next week.

1)Hold the unit up by hand to determine a suitable mounting position.

2)Make sure there is enough clearance for the cable connections.

3)Make sure there is enough clearance around the back and bottom air vents.

4)When you are happy with the position copy hermes bags sale mark the two bottom corners with masking tape.

5)Pour the wife a glass of wine and have her approve mounting selection (optional).

6)Remove TV from Wall and place it out of the way (be careful). Its easier with two people, although Iwas able to do it myself.

Step 4: Construct the Sling Thing

Your almost there. Obviously you will now need to re hang TVon the wall. Now be very careful. If you drop it, there is no telling what the wife will do.

Slide the Wii into the sling. Hook up all of the cable connections. Plug the power pack in behind the TVand tuck it behind the TVas well. Imounted my Wii sensor bar thingy on the bottom of my replica enamel on gold jewelry TV with the double sided sticky pads and it seems to work fine. Your resultsmay vary. You may need to mount it on top. Make sure to change the console's settings so that it knows whether the sensor bar is on top or bottom of your TV .
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Why I eloped to New York instead of having a traditional wedding

We started talking and something clicked into place. Six years later, lying on a dusky Bridgetown beach with salty hair and sleepy eyes, he put a ring on my finger with relief and revealed that he'd been trying to hide it from me without losing it. We celebrated with beers in the Barbados sunset and talked about the DIY festival style wedding party we wanted to throw with our friends and family.

We talked about the wedding a lot. We wanted to grow our own wildflowers, make our own food, dance through the night without a curfew and watch hermes birkin red fake the sunrise with our best friends around us. Matt was keen to get married as soon as possible; he had asked me because he wanted our marriage, not an over planned wedding ceremony.

We pencilled in the following summer and asked a few loved ones to get involved as bridesmaids and groomsmen. We both wanted a really intimate DIY feel to the day and buy a birkin bag cheap set a small budget aside to try and bring everything together.

I started looking into marquee hire costs, food van options, church fees and colour schemes. It was fun to begin with, but as things got serious I realised I was starting to get anxious.

I didn't like the idea of being the centre of attention and as the guest list grew with family expectations, it became clear that we were not going to get the intimate firework display and indie disco we wanted.

On a miserable Sunday evening in December we realised that of our 150 guests, only 30 were friends. I felt Matt withdraw at that point and knew that our wedding plans had lost all meaning.

On the drive home I muttered, "I wish we could just elope."By the time we climbed into bed we had decided that it was easy, cheap, ridiculous and perfect.

On February 8,the chaotic Manhattan climate gave us a bright, perfect day of love and happiness. It felt perfect as we took a couple of photos in a sunshine spotlight on the steps of City Hall, marriage certificate in hand and a handful of close friendsaround us.

Our uncertainty led to the best decision we ever made here are eight reasons why eloping might just be the answer for you too.

Everyone has that Jenny hermes jpg birkin copy Packham dress, the naked cake decorated with edible flowers and a photo booth in the corner ready to capture drunk pictures of unknown guests. Ironically it can be a struggle to inject yourpersonality into a day that's supposed to be all about you. We found the easiest way to get around this was to do something completely different and elope. When we talk to people about our wedding the usual response is, "That's so typical of you guys!", which is exactly what we wanted on the day.

You only have to go onto theInternet and search 'easy places for Brits to get married abroad' and you're presented with countless locations around the world. Some embassies need a bit of time to prepare paperwork but you can get clear information online or hire agents to organise things for you. We chose New York as our wedding destination because it's a city we love, it's legal to marry there and very easy. It took 24 hours to get a marriage licence and we were married at Manhattan City Hall the next day.

3. Save the money for something useful, like a house

Honestly, both our families were able and willing to foot the bill for a modest wedding, but as the predicted costs started to add up (and oh how quickly they do) we didn't feel comfortable about it. For manycouples now this isn't even an black birkin imitation option, which results in many using savings and loans to fund their big day. We saved our cash and put down the deposit on our first home, which cost less than the average weddingin the UK.

8. Backpack through Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most accessible regions for the novice traveller thanks to its mix of volcanoes, rainforests, rice fields, beaches and coral reefs. Some popular stops include Chiang Mai in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Laos, Hanoi in Vietnam.

thousand year old Hindu ruins, rave on the beach, attend a Buddhist ceremony at dawn and hike through the jungle looking for wildlife. The possibilities are endless.

Shutterstock / Lena Serditova

There's plenty of time for gentle package holidays in your later years. This tiny Central American oasis is a twenty something's playground of wild beaches, rocky points, volcanoes, reefs, rare wildlife and spectacular rainforests.

you can learn how to surf on the Nicoya peninsula, try truly amazing Costa Rican coffee, learn to speak Spanish, get lost on a hike in a rainforest, go white water rafting at Turrialba and see real life sloths, monkeys, crocodiles, ocelots and toucans.10. Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutan

William and Kate put this remote kingdom on the map earlier this year, and a trip here isn't complete without paying a visit the the Tiger's Nest Monastery. Believed to be the birthplace of Bhuddism, the Monastery has been a place of pilgrimage since it was built in 1692.

temple complex clings to a cliff, a dizzying 3120 meters above the sea level on the side of the upper Paro valley. If you want to take in the stunning views of blue pines and rhododendrons you'll need fearless stamina to hike to the top.

26. Pacific Coast Highway, California

The PCH is a road trip lover's dream, with its winding ribbon roads that meander alongside the crashing Cali coast from Carmel to Morro Bay. The 123 mile route takes in Big Sur and the much photographed Bixby Bridge, as well as five hours of cliff hugging open road.
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What the FBI didn't say about Hillary Clinton's email

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey's recommendation that no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her use of an unclassified email server while secretary of state is significant, but what he did not address is equally important.

What was not said about intent

Comey stated some110 emails were classifiedwhen they were transmitted and received via Clinton's personal email server. Comey stressed that he did not find evidence that Clinton intended to violate any laws, or that her actions rose to "gross negligence." He did not explain the rationale behind this finding.

There was no electronic connection between the government's classified systems and Clinton's unclassified server. This indicates that on 110 separate occasions Clinton and/or one of her correspondents had to have retyped or copied and pasted information from a classified format; there is no other method to transfer data.

The Inspector General for the Intelligence Community stated some of the documents were marked at the highest new birkin bag replica levels, including one about North Korea's nuclear weapons program. At least 47 of the Clinton emails released contain the Freedom of Information Act release exemption B3 CIA PERS/ORG, which indicates the material hermes and birkin fake referred to CIA personnel matters. Some emails show semi oblique references to CIA staffers, known as "talk arounds," to avoid mentioning a name or position per se.

Comey made clear the sensitivity of some of the information, saying "seven e mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access Program level when they were sent and received. These chains involved Secretary Clinton both sending emails about those matters and receiving emails from others about the same matters. There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton's position. should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation."

Whether information was marked or unmarked is irrelevant. Standard Form 312, signed by Clinton and every security clearance holder in the government, specifically notes that the laws apply to bothmarked and unmarkedclassified material. The legality ofretroactive classificationhas beentestedby the Supreme Court, which let stand a lower court decision that the practice was legal.

While Comey maintains there was no intent or gross negligence by Clinton to violate the law, it is difficult to reconcile her actions and his statement.

What was not said about perjury and obstruction

Hillary Clinton's earliest statements, that no classified information traversed her server, later changed to "no marked" classified information. Comey explained emails found in others' inboxes, messages not turned over by Clinton to the State Department, were work related. Clinton claimed she turned over all work related emails. Despite this, the questions of perjury and obstruction of justice were not addressed.

In addition, Comey stated Clinton's lawyers deleted all emails they did not turn over to the State Department and then cleaned their devices in such a way to preclude complete forensic recovery. He added "It is also likely that there are other work related e mails that they did not produce to State and that we did not find elsewhere." None of this was addressed in thecontextof destruction of evidence.

What was not said about precedent

The standards applied in the Clinton case are at variance with how classified informationviolationselsewhere in the government are handled.

As examples, the cases of CIA officerJohn Kiriakou(who served three years in federal prison for exposing a single, unmarked, unclassified business card with the name of a CIA employee), and TSA air marshalRobert Maclean(fired for exposing a text retroactively classified) stand out. Major Jason Brezler, who sent classified information to fellow Marines in Afghanistan to warn them about a Taliban conspirator, wasforced outof the service. Even General David Petraeus, who transmitted classified information via his Gmail account to his mistress, received limited legal punishment and was forced to resign.

But perhaps with an eye toward others mounting a future national security violation "Hillary defense," Comey did add "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often hermes birkin 25 cheap subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now."

What was not said about the Freedom of Information Act

Comey did not discuss Clinton's actions and the Freedom of Information Act.

During her tenure as secretary of state and for some time afterwards, the State Department maintained it had no Clinton email records to produce in response to requests. Those statements while technically true in that State could not search Clinton's personal server blocked journalists, private citizens, and for a time, Congress, from documents they were lawfully entitled to see.

The State Department's own inspector general found these actions to be incontraventionof theFederal Records Act.

What will be said

The director of the FBI labeled the leading contender for the presidency and her staff as "extremely careless" in their handling of America's secrets. In the current political climate, this is generally seen as positive news by Clinton supporters, the new standard apparently being "not under indictment." The Trump campaign will no doubt make this all a major focus of its messaging going forward.

Few believed, rightly or wrongly, that Hillary Clinton would face criminal charges over her handling of classified material. Yet, the questions not addressed by the FBI remain. Even if the majority of voters in November see the issue as put to rest, Republicans in Congress will be unlikely to feel the same come January.

(Disclosure: Following the publication during Clinton's time as secretary of state of my book hermes birkin 50 cheap critical of the State Department's role in the Iraq War, the department unsuccessfully carried out termination proceedings against me. His latest book is "Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the 99 Percent." He is on Twitter
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was strongest in Canadian history

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileDestruction in Elie, Man., this past June 23, a day after a tornado levelled at least four homes and damaged several others. The record setting tornado hit wind speeds of up to 510 km/h. ((John Woods/Canadian Press))A tornado that hit Elie, Man., in imitation hermes togo leather thesummer has imitation hermes shopping bag been rated the strongest documented twister in Canadian history.Environment Canada analysts recently examined fresh video evidence of the June 22 storm thathelped confirmit as the only officially confirmed tornado in Canada to be rated F 5on the Fujita scale.The video shows an almost intact house in the small town just west of Winnipeg being thrown several hundred metres through the air before disintegrating and falling to the ground.Seconds later, a large van is seen whirling through the air; it was later found in a imitation hermes bag styles distant field.The twister was on the ground for more than 30 imitation hermes sling bag minutes, Environment Canada officials said. It travelled five kilometres and created a 300 metre swath of damage through the town of 550 people.Wind speeds are estimated at 420 to 510 kilometres an hour.No one was killed or seriouslyhurt in the Elietwister or in sixother tornadoes that touched down the same weekendin Manitoba. Nineteen people were left homeless.
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warns former French economy minister Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron, the former economy minister, has warned that outside of the European Union the UK will not have the protections afforded toa trading bloc and will therefore find it difficultto see off commercial competion from Beijing.

He said the UK alone would be incapable ofstopping an imitation hermes bags sale influx of cheap imports and cited the recent crisis in the steel industry imitation hermes shopping bag to demonstrate the difficulties Britain could face from imitation hermes handbag price the superpower.

"The UK is definitely not relevant to China. And the big mistake of countries is not to play the European game," the Timesreported Mr Macron as saying.

Click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, which is to imitation hermes online shop the right of your address bar.

On Adblock click "Don't run on pages on this domain".

If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.
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Willbros Group Inc WG People

Mr. S. Miller Williams has been appointed as Non Executive Chairman of the Board of the Company., effective December 1, 2015. He is no longer Lead Independent Director of Willbros Group Inc. From April 2011 to August 2013, he was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of LinkBermuda Ltd, a telecommunications services company based in Bermuda. Mr. Williams served as Executive Vice President Finance and Administration of Soltherm Energy LLC, a renewable energy company from August 2009 to April 2011. He has been Managing Director of Willvest, an investment and corporate development advisory firm, since 2004. He was Executive Vice President of Strategic Development of Vartec Telecom, Inc., an international consumer telecommunications services company, from August 2002 until May 2004, and was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Vartec in November 2003. From 2000 to August 2003, Mr. Williams was Executive Chairman of the Board of PowerTel, Inc., a public company that provided telecommunications services in Australia. From 1991 to 2002, he served in various executive positions with Williams Communications Group, a subsidiary of The Williams Companies that provided global network and broadband media services, where his last position was Senior Vice President Corporate Development, General Manager International and Chairman of WCG Ventures, the company's venture capital fund. He is a former director of eLEC Communications Corp.

Mr. Michael J. Fournier has been appointed as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Willbros Group, Inc., effective December 1, 2015 . Mike Fournier has been the Chief Operating Officer of Willbros Group, Inc. since July 1, 2014 and has been President since October 21, 2014 . He joined Willbros in August 2011 as Chief Operating Officer of Canada operations and served as President replica hermes handbags of Canada operations from September 2012 to July 1, 2014 . Mr. Fournier has more than 30 years of experience in the engineering construction service industries. Mr. Fournier started his career in the Offshore Gulf Coast pipeline construction and platform fabrication sector, relocating to Canada in the early 90's. The remainder of his career has been spent in the Canadian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector where he has held a succession of project management and executive management roles with heavy industrial construction firms culminating in business unit President roles. He has served on the board of directors for Construction Labour Relations Alberta and on the Management hermes click clack bracelet replica board of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council ("NSERC") Chair in Construction Management for the University of Alberta . Fournier graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is registered with the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta .

Mr. Van A. Welch, CPA., is the Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Willbros Group Inc. He joined Willbros in 2006 as Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Willbros Group, Inc.; he served as Treasurer until September 2007 and re assumed that office in July 2010. In May 2011, he was promoted to Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. He resigned from the office of Treasurer in May 2012. Mr. Welch has over 30 years' experience in project controls, administrative and finance positions with KBR, a global engineering, construction and services company, and its subsidiaries, serving in his last position as Vice President Finance and Investor Relations and as a member of KBR's executive leadership team. From 1998 to 2006, Mr. Welch held various other positions with KBR including Vice President, Accounting and Finance of the Engineering and Construction Division, h bracelet replica Vice President, Accounting and Finance of Onshore Operations and Senior Vice President of Shared Services. Mr. Welch is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Johnny M. Priest is President, Utility T of Willbros Group, Inc. He joined Willbros in 2012 as Chief Operating Officer of the Utility T segment before being elected Senior Vice President, Utility T and President of the Utility T segment later that year. He was elected Executive Vice President, Utility Transmission Distribution on October 22, 2014. Prior to joining Willbros, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Argos Utilities from April 2009 to March 2012. Mr. Priest began his career as a line construction technician with Duke Power in 1967 and has since managed and presided over a number of companies including: Argos Utilities, MasTec Energy Group and Shaw Energy Delivery Services (formerly owned by Duke Energy). Army.

Mr. John K. Allcorn is Executive Vice President, Pipeline Services of Willbros Group, Inc. He rejoined Willbros in March 2013 as Senior Vice President, Sales, and was elected Executive Vice President, Pipeline Services on October 22, 2014. While previously with Willbros, he was responsible for worldwide operations, including overseeing our engineering and construction companies. Prior to rejoining Willbros, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Pipeline Services, Inc. from January 2009 to March 2012, during which he established an investment strategy to grow the business through a mix of organic expansion and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Allcorn has also held positions with US Pipeline, Inc. and Gregory Cook. Mr. Allcorn has more than 27 years of experience in the pipeline industry, specializing in pipeline design and construction. Mr. Allcorn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Houston.

Mr. Peter W. Arbour is the Senior Vice President, General Counsel of Willbros Group Inc. He joined Willbros in May 2010 as Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary. Before joining Willbros, he served in senior legal positions with the Expro International Group from August 2006 to April 2010, Power Well Services from August 2004 to July 2006, and KBR, where he managed a worldwide law department for over 10 years. Mr. Arbour's legal experience includes work with mergers and acquisitions, engineering and construction contracts, construction claims, litigation management, and compliance matters. He has extensive experience in overseas projects, particularly in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Mr. Arbour is a member of the state bar associations of Texas and Louisiana and holds undergraduate and Juris Doctorate degrees from Louisiana State University. Mr. Arbour resigned from the office of Corporate Secretary in December 2010.

Mr. Stephen W. Breitigam is Vice President Investor Relations Corporate Development of the Company. effective February 15, 2016. Mr. Breitigam joined Willbros in 2008 and has served in various capacities including M activities, internal audit, and operations support for several business units. Most recently, he served as the financial lead in the significant business unit divestitures made by Willbros, including the sale of the Professional Services segment. Mr. Breitigam is well versed in Willbros' business and brings over 30 years of experience in the energy sector to his new position. In addition, he is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of Bowling Green State University .

Mr. W. Gary Gates serves as Director of the Company. He is a 40 year veteran of the electrical power industry. Mr. Gates retired in 2015 as president and CEO of the Omaha Public Power District, a public utility engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. During his career, Mr. Gates has had extensive experience with energy construction projects. He has served on numerous utility trade associations. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Mutual of Omaha as its Lead Outside Director.

Mr. Phil D. Wedemeyer is Director of Willbros Group, Inc. Mr. Wedemeyer retired as a partner from Grant Thornton LLP, an international accounting firm and also served in various capacities with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ("PCAOB"), including serving as Director, Office of Research and Analysis and as a Deputy Director, Division of Registration and Inspection. Prior to his service with PCAOB, Mr. Wedemeyer was with Arthur Andersen SC for over 31 years, including 22 years as a partner. Mr. Wedemeyer also serves as a director of publicly traded Atwood Oceanics, Inc. and Trinity Steel Fabricators, a privately held fabricator of structures and vessels. He is a member of the Deloite Audit Quality Advisory Council and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Wedemeyer's more than 35 years of public accounting firm experience and service with the PCAOB and the Auditing Standards Board of the AICPA will provide the Board with extensive accounting and financial expertise.

Mr. Michael C. Lebens is an Independent Director of Willbros Group, Inc., since May 23, 2011. Mr. Lebens is a member of the Board of Stakeholders of Tenaska Energy, Inc., an independent energy company, and retired as President and Chief Executive Officer of Tenaska's Engineering and Operations Group on August 1, 2012. During his tenure with Tenaska, Mr. Lebens had oversight responsibility for engineering, construction, operations and asset management for a portfolio of approximately 10,800 megawatts of power generating assets. He joined Tenaska in 1987 as project manager for a power plant being constructed in Texas. Between 1990 and 2012, Mr. Lebens directed project management and operations for all of Tenaska's power generating projects. Mr. Lebens has more than 36 years of management experience in the energy industry, including the development, design and construction of major power generation facilities and other energy related projects. Before joining Tenaska, Mr. Lebens held positions with InterNorth, Inc., Gibbs and Hill, and Burns and McDonnell. Mr. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.

Mr. Daniel E. Lonergan is an Independent Director of Willbros Group, Inc., since July 1, 2010. Mr. Lonergan is the Chief Executive Officer, a Senior Managing Director and a founding member of Tenaska Capital Management and has more than 30 years of experience in the energy and power hermes enamel bracelet replica industries in strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, business development, finance, financial reporting and administration. Tenaska Capital Management manages power and energy focused private equity investments and has approximately $3.6 billion in assets under management. Mr. Lonergan joined Tenaska in 1997 as Vice President of Tenaska's finance division. Mr. Lonergan serves on the Investment Committee of Tenaska Capital Management and the Board of Stakeholders of Tenaska Energy, Inc., an independent energy company. Prior to joining Tenaska, Mr. Lonergan held a variety of executive positions in the energy sector, including Vice President of Finance for the non regulated businesses of MidAmerican Energy Company, where he was responsible for all finance, accounting, planning and administrative functions; and a variety of other financial management positions with Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric. Mr. degrees from the University of Iowa.

Mr. Robert L. Sluder is an Independent Director of Willbros Group, Inc., since May 30, 2007. Mr. Sluder was President of Kern River Gas Transmission Company, a unit of MidAmerican Energy/Berkshire Hathaway, from February 2002 to December 2005, when he retired. Kern River is the owner and operator of a 1,700 mile interstate natural gas pipeline between southwestern Wyoming and southern California. markets. He was Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Williams Companies in Salt Lake City from December 2001 to February 2002 and Vice President of Williams Operations from January 1996 to December 2001. Mr. Sluder served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Kern River from 1995 to 1996 and as Director, Operations for Kern River from 1991 to 1995. Prior to that time, he held a variety of engineering and construction supervisory positions with various companies.
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which is four times the penalty for actually lighting up in a company vehicle

A van driver was handed a 200 fine for not displaying a No Smoking sticker on his new vehicle four times replica handbags hermes more than if he'd been caught actually puffing at the wheel.

Freddie Beasley, 28, from Cleankill Environmental Services had just picked up the brand new van from a garage when he was pulled over in a joint police and council operation to clamp down on 'dodgy vehicles.

Mr Beasley tried to explain that he had only just picked the new van up from a workshop where workers had painted the Cleankill logo on the side and that he was driving it back to the firm's HQ in Surrey.

The law states that any 'company

vehicle' must have a no smoking sign meaning that if he had been in

the van with no logo he wouldn't have been fined as it would have been

considered a 'personal van'.

Offence: Mr Beasley hermes h bracelet fake had failed to display a no smoking sign in the brand new van

'All our vans normally have them, but this was a new van we have only just had sign written, and was driven by somebody who doesn't smoke but try explaining that to Haringey Council!

'The irony is that if our technician had been smoking he would have been fined four time less, just 50.

'There was no warning or caution it is absolutely ridiculous and at a time when small business like ours are having a tough time financially.'

The operation run by Haringey Council, police and bailiffs was called 'Operation Stop It' and was aimed at cracking down on 'unlicensed waste carriers' fly tippers and other vehicles guilty of 'environmental crime'.

Bosses at Haringey Council said that 95 vehicles were stopped outside the Wickes DIY store in Haringey last Friday.

Among those stopped included six people driving vehicles in such a bad state they were seized by police, one man arrested for possessing drugs, one for stealing a disabled badge and several fly tippers.

They also doled out 12 200 fines for not displaying 'no smoking signs' in company vehicles and two 50 fines to people caught smoking inside company hermes bags replicas best vans.

Cllr Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Haringey Council, said: 'We will continue to work closely with our partners in the police and the courts to tackle illegal activity around vehicles, especially looking out for unlicensed waste carriers that are responsible for so much dumping in our borough.

'We will continue to protect those workers who are forced to sit in smoke polluted environments because their employers don't comply with the law which bans smoke in company vehicles.'

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