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Randomised comparison of initial triple DMARD therapy with methotrexate monotherapy in combination with low

The AUC DAS and HAQ were respectively 2.39 (95% CI 4.77 to 0.00) and 1.67 (95% CI 3.35 to 0.02) lower in patients receiving iTDT than in those receiving iMM. After 3months, treatment failure occurred less often in the iTDT group, resulting in 40% fewer treatment intensifications. The difference in treatment intensifications between the arms required to maintain the predefined treatment goal remained over time. No differences were seen between the two GC bridging therapies. Respectively 21%, 24% and 23% of patients in arms A, B and C had radiographic progression after 1year. receiving iTDT had more adjustments of their medication owing to adverse events than those receiving iMM.

Recently EULAR updated the recommendations for the management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).1 In patients with newly diagnosed RA the guidelines recommend that (1) the initial treatment strategy should encompass methotrexate (MTX) as monotherapy or in combination with other disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), irrespective of glucocorticoids (GCs); replica hermes handbags outlet (2) treatment is targeted to achieve remission, or low disease activity and (3) treatment should be adjusted if there is no improvement after 3months or the target has not been reached by 6months. When poor prognostic factors are present, biological agents should be considered if the initial treatment strategy has failed, or otherwise one could switch to a(nother) combination of DMARDs. Functional and radiological outcomes improve if current guidelines are upheld.1 ,2 Nevertheless, some major points for debate still exist.

First, 2010 criteria for RA3 are more and more often incorporated into daily practice. All current guidelines, however, were formulated using data from studies in patients fulfilling 1987 RA criteria.1 ,4 ,5 Thus trials comparing initial treatment strategies in the early phase of RA are needed for validation.

Second, several clinical trials concluded that initial combination therapy had better clinical efficacy than monotherapy; however, most rheumatologists have not implemented this in daily practice.6 10 Moreover, current guidelines do not recommend combination therapy for all patients with newly diagnosed RA.1 ,4 The principal motive for disregarding combination therapy was because (1) trials were biased by GCs, (2) patients were not DMARD nave and (3) there were concerns about safety.11 ,12

Third, GCs have a rapid anti inflammatory effect and are therefore used as bridging therapy to treat active disease in between initiation of DMARD(s) and the onset of their therapeutic effect.13 However, trials specifically comparing GC bridging therapies are sparse. More trials are, therefore, needed to investigate optimal dosage and tapering schemes. Medical ethics committees at each participating centre approved the study protocol and all patients gave written informed consent before inclusion. Inclusion criteria for the tREACH are: age 18years, arthritis in one or more joint(s) and symptom duration

were recruited from the outpatient clinics of all participating centres between July 2007 and April 2011. Eligible patients were stratified into three groups according to their fake hermes bag likelihood of progressing to persistent arthritis based on the Visser model.15 For this analysis we included the high probability stratum (>70% probability of developing persistent arthritis).

Outcomes and assessments

were examined every 3months for all outcomes, except for hand/foot radiographs, which were obtained at baseline and half yearly.

Primary outcomes were (1) area under the curve (AUC) Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) and DAS and (2) proportion of patients with radiographic progression. Secondary endpoints were disease activity (state), functional ability, EULAR response criteria,17 Boolean defined remission criteria,18 self assessed disease activity and medication usage over time and after 12months of treatment.

DAS and its thresholds are used for disease state categorisations.16 Functional ability is measured with the HAQ.19 Higher HAQ scores indicate poorer function. Radiographic progression was measured with the modified Sharp van der Heijde score (SHS).20 Radiographs replica birkin handbags were read chronologically by two out of five qualified assessors, who were blinded to the patient's identity and treatment allocation.21 Mean SHS are reported.22 Weighted between assessors was 0.36 with 98% agreement. A target sample size of 270 patients per probability stratum and thus 90 patients per arm, was needed to detect the fashion cheap hermes handbags mentioned difference with a power of 80% and two sided =0.05. This size is sufficient to detect a difference of 6.1 AUC DAS and 20% difference in radiographic progression.14

Clinical efficacy was calculated in an modified intention to treat (mITT) and per protocol analysis. In mITT analyses patients are analysed in the groups to which they were randomised, regardless of whether they received or adhered to the allocated intervention. For the primary, but not the secondary, outcomes missing values are imputed. Statistical comparison of the baseline characteristics and outcomes (after 12months) between iTDT and iMM (arms B vs C) and both GC bridging therapies (arms A vs B) were made by Student t test, 2 test or Wilcoxon rank sum test, as appropriate.

We used the AUC to compare DAS and HAQ over time between treatment arms, in which missing values at each time point were substituted with the mean value of the corresponding treatment arm. Radiographic progression was extrapolated or interpolated if the SHS was missing after 12months.

We also performed adjusted analyses for our primary outcomes, in which we corrected for baseline imbalances, rheumatoid factor, anti citrullinated protein/peptide antibodies and baseline HAQ, DAS or SHS, as appropriate, using multivariate analyses.
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Rabbits Milked for Human Protein

A drug made from the protein can be used to treat people with hereditary angioedema. People with this condition have naturally low levels of C1 inhibitor, which can result in episodes of severe swelling, similar to an allergic reaction.

Untreated, angioedema can cause painful cramps and potentially fatal suffocation.

Unlike drugs that can be made synthetically in the lab, therapeutic proteins need to be made by biological processes, making transgenic animals a popular option.

A rabbit, for instance, can produce an average of 120 milliliters of milk a day. In the modified rabbits, each liter contains 12 grams of Hermes birkin bags fake human C1 inhibitor, according to Pharming spokesperson Marjolein van Helmond.

"Human C1 inhibitor can be obtained from donor blood, but our product can be produced in unlimited quantities from a scaleable and stable production system, and there are no safety issues in terms of [blood] viruses," van Helmond said.

Pharming has been milking rabbits experimentally for years, and recently developed a drug called Rhucin from the rabbit milk derived C1 inhibitor protein.

In September Pharming submitted Rhucin for market approval by the European Medicines Agency, the European Union body that evaluates drug safety. An official verdict is due later next year. The drug has yet to be submitted for commercial approval fashion cheap hermes handbags in the United States.

If the drug is imitiaton hermes bag approved in Europe, Pharming would start milking a herd of about a thousand rabbits, company CEO Sijmen de Vries said in an email.

The rabbits are milked using mini pumping machines that attach to the female rabbits' teats. The method "can roughly be compared to cow milking, but of replica hermes handbags outlet course on a smaller scale," de Vries said.

And like dairy cows, the rabbits stay relaxed and appear to suffer no discomfort during milking.

Researchers then extract the protein in the lab. Due to strict laws governing transgenic products, the rest of the rabbit milk has to be destroyed.

A farm in Russia, for example, recently milked mice to produce the human breast milk protein lactoferrin, and the Russian researchers hope to scale up to milking the protein from goats.
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Pheromone recognition

Perhaps the top pheromone odour will prove to be a composite of inherited odour produced by various exocrine glands and the adsorbed pheromone odour from the hive atmosphere, much of which must derive from the bees themselves. If so, bees must continuously re and re adapt to their colony odour as it changes.

It would be expected that larvae, pupae and newly emerged bees would also adsorb odour from the environment; yet they are readily accepted without animosity into a strange colony. Holldobler and Michener (1980) suggested that any pheromone odour acquired by brood may be masked by the presence of brood tending pheromones. It is essential that guard bees allow their own queen to enter the hive after her mating ight, but repel any others that land at the hive entrance in error. When given a choice a queenless swarm always prefers its own queen to another (Henrikh, 1955; Velthuis and van Es, 1964; Morse, 1972); sometimes the strange queen Hermes replica belt paris attracts a small cluster but this usually disappears within a few hours. This includes pheromones in mammals.

Discrimination depends upon the bees being able to make physical contact with the queens (Boch and Morse, 1974). Clustered swarms were given the choice of moving to either their own queen or a strange queen in cages tied to stakes 2 m from the swarm. When the cage walls were made of queen excluder material (perforated zinc sheets through which the workers but not the queens could pass) 32 of 34 swarms that were tested clustered round their hermes mens belt replica own queen. The workers licked their queen body and palpated it with their antennae. When the cage walls had 3.2 wires per cm so that the workers could touch the queen but could not enter the cage, swarms still preferred their own queen, but when the cage walls had 32 wires per cm or double walls, so that direct contact with the queen was prevented, no discrimination was evident. Swarms were able to discriminate between recently killed queens of their own and other colonies but not between ethanol extracts of their own and foreign queens. Feeding colonies for a few days with sucrose syrup strongly scented with either thyme or eucalyptus oils diminished their ability to distinguish between their own and foreign queens (Boch and Morse, 1981). This is somewhat surprising, as adsorption onto the body surfaces of the pheromone scent of the sucrose syrup could be expected to enhance the distinctive pheromone odour and make recognition of their own queen easier Hermes belt replica paris instead it seemed to obstruct discrimination. Boch and Morse (1981) suggested that the imitation hermes belt sale workers chemical pheromones receptors became swamped by the scent of the syrup so that they could no longer distinguish familiar from foreign queen odours.
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Professor Janeen Baxter

Janeen Baxter is Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course in the Institute for Social Science Research.

Janeen Hermes replica belt paris conducts research in the areas of gender, families, households, social disadvantage and the life course.

Janeen is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and a member of its Executive Committee. She has recently held an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellowship and is a former Chair of the Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences panel for the ARC College of Experts.

Journal Article: Does parenthood change attitudes to fathering? Evidence from Australia and Britain

Buchler, Sandra, Perales, Francisco and Baxter, Janeen (2017) Does parenthood change attitudes to fathering? Evidence from Australia and Britain.

Sex Roles,Journal Article: Developmental network structure and support: gendered consequences for work family strain and work parenting strain in the Australian mining industry

Parker, Polly, Cotton, Richard D., Yates, Miriam S., Baxter, Janeen and Arend, Susan (2017) Developmental network structure and support: gendered consequences for work family strain and work parenting strain in the Australian mining industry.

The International Journal of Human Resource Management,Other Outputs: Birth cohort, ageing and gender ideology: lessons from British hermes brown belt imitation and Australian panel data

Perales, Francisco, Philipp M., Lersch and Baxter, Janeen (2017).

Birth cohort, ageing and gender ideology: lessons from British and Australian panel data. LCC Working Paper Series 2017 01, Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland.

PPL Final Report: Name of project: Paid Parental Leave EvaluationPPL Final Report: Name of project: Paid Parental Leave Evaluation Brisbane, QLD Australia: Institute for Social Science Research

Intergenerational income support dependency: report to the Federal Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Perales, F., Higginson, A., Baxter, J., Western, M., Zubrick, S. and Mitrou, F. (2013)

Intergenerational income support dependency: report to the Federal Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and replica Hermes belt france Indigenous Affairs St. Lucia, QLD, Australia: UniQuest

Negotiating the Life Course: Stability and Change in Life Hermes belt replica Pathways

Negotiating the Life Course: Stability and Change in Life Pathways. Edited by Ann Evans and Janeen Baxter Dordrecht,The Netherlands: Springer, 2013.

Negotiating the life course: stability and change in life pathways

Negotiating the life course: stability and change in life pathways. Edited by Ann Evans and Janeen Baxter Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer Netherlands, 2013. doi:10.1007/978 90 481 8912 0

Baxter, Janeen (2011). Gender. InAustralia: Casual employment, part time employment and the resilience of the male breadwinner model

Campbell, Iain, Whitehouse, Gillian and Baxter, Janeen (2009). Australia: Casual employment, part time employment and the resilience of the male breadwinner model. In Leah F. Vosko, Martha MacDonald and Iain Campbell (Ed.),
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Obama Hugger And Pizza Business Owner

Just a few days ago, Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Duzer was known around Fort Pierce, Fla., hermes men belt replica mostly for his pizza and his work raising awareness for blood donations. But since bear hugging President Obama on Sunday, Van Duzer has become a national lightning rod for small business politics, the object of a Yelp tug of war . and a sudden media darling.

On Monday, Van Duzer appeared on "The Situation Room," explaining to Wolf Blitzer the hug was spontaneous, not staged, as some have alleged. "I guess I got caught up in the moment," Van Duzer said. "I had a brief moment when I knew he was coming. He opened up the door and he was like, 'Where's Scott at?' . I was just so excited, I just gave him a big hug and picked him up. It was crazy."

Though Van Duzer was taking a chance that Secret Service agents would rush to pry the president from his impressive arms, the entrepreneur made it clear to Blitzer that he did not consider security a deterrent to hugging. "We didn't plan it, we didn't have no communication with the Secret Service about it or anything like that. It was just a genuine moment . it was an incredible experience."

Van imitation hermes belt on sale Duzer indicated that his brown hermes belt replica ebullience was not an action, but a reaction, saying Obama's "enthusiasm was contagious."

The video of the hug has since become contagious, sparking bipartisan imitation hermes mens belt debates over the Republican business owner's literal and figurative embracing of Obama. A Yelp frenzy ensued, in which many objected with one star reviews of Van Duzer's politics before positive reviewers pushed his rating back up to five stars. His response to the feud: "Whether you're Republican or Democrat, he's our president. It was just a tremendous honor. It's really bizarre we were watching the convention last week and now here he is."

Also on Monday, Van Duzer was flown to New York City for a scheduled Tuesday appearance on Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show "Anderson Live."

Van Duzer said that "Inside Edition" and "Good Morning America" reached out to him as well. And though he acknowledged to The Palm Beach Post that his 15 minutes of fame may soon be up, Van Duzer may be able to sneak in one more noteworthy hug before the attention subsides. When he meets Cooper, his reported favorite, the inevitable will likely occur.
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Pogba joins United from Juventus for world record fee

LONDON (Reuters) France midfielder Paul Pogba has rejoined Manchester United from Italian champions Juventus on a five year contract, with the option to extend for a further year, the Premier League club said in a statement on Monday.

British media said United splashed out a world record fee of 89 million pounds on the 23 year old, eclipsing the 100 million euros ($110.84 million) Real Madrid paid for Hermes birkin bags fake Welshman Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur in 2013.

I am delighted to rejoin United.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Juventus and have some fantastic memories of a great club with players that I count as friends. But fashion cheap hermes handbags I feel the time is right to go back to Old Trafford.

"I always enjoyed playing in front of the fans and can TMt wait to make my contribution to the team. This is the right club for me to achieve everything I hope to in the game.

Pogba is the latest of Mourinho's new signings following defender Eric Bailly, striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan as the Portuguese coach revamps the under performing squad he inherited from Louis van Gaal.

"Paul is one of the best players in the world and will be a key part of the United team I want to build here for the future," added Mourinho. "He is quick, strong, scores goals and reads the game better than many players much older than he is.

"At 23, he has the chance to make that position his own here over many years. He is young and will continue to improve; he has the chance to be at the heart of this club for the next decade and beyond."The France midfielder, whose strength and range of passing should allow United to play a more expansive game than the limited style adopted by Dutchman Van Gaal, has been a hot property all summer with Real Madrid also hovering.

"Everyone is interested in Pogba. He is a great footballer and when you are Madrid you always want the best," Real coach Zinedine Zidane had said before United wrapped up the deal for a player who scored 34 goals in 178 games for fake hermes bag Juventus.

Pogba joined Juve in 2012, having come through Le Havre's youth system before moving to United's academy in 2009.

He won four Serie A titles and two Coppa Italia trophies in a successful spell with the Turin club but was criticised after failing to shine in the 2015 Champions League final defeat by Barcelona and France's Euro 2016 loss to Portugal on home soil.

Pogba had signed for United on a three year deal with a one year renewal option which then United manager Alex Ferguson was keen to activate but the 18 year old was frustrated by a lack of first team opportunities at the club and decided to leave.

The Frenchman made just seven first team appearances for United, all off the bench. "Ferguson came to my replica hermes handbags outlet place. We talked. It did make me think. He wanted to keep me, but I'd made my decision to leave," Pogba has said.

He will now be reacquainted with Ferguson, who is a global ambassador at the club, but will take his orders from the uncompromising Mourinho who will demand a significant return on the club's world record investment in the Frenchman.

United have not challenged strongly for the Premier League title since Ferguson led them to the trophy in 2013 before ending his glittering 26 year reign as manager at Old Trafford.
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Oak Ridge man gets five years for heroin

Michael Meyer, 31, of Oak RidgeNew Jersey Department of Corrections

NEWTON An Oak Ridge man has been sentenced to five years in prison for causing a motor vehicle accident while under the influence of heroin and then fleeing the scene, the Sussex County Prosecutor Office said.

Michael Meyer, 31, of Oak Hermes birkin bags fake Ridge drove his fake hermes bag mini van over the center line of Glen Road into the opposite lane of travel, colliding with a mini van driven by a 17 year old Sparta boy. The driver and his 15 year old brother, a front seat passenger, suffered neck, fashion cheap hermes handbags back and leg injuries.

After fleeing the scene, Meyer was spotted by Sparta Officer Joseph Antonello walking away from his heavily damaged mini van on Glen Lake Road.

Antonello stopped Meyer and observed several fresh injection marks on the inside of his right elbow and numerous old injection marks on the inside of his left elbow. Meyer also appeared to be lethargic and his speech was slurred.

While being arrested, Antonello found a used hypodermic needle in Meyer possession, as well as four bags of heroin, each marked with the words, Dick.

Meyer told Antonello that he fled the scene because he was on parole for a previous criminal conviction and his driver license was suspended. replica birkin handbags He previously served a seven month jail sentence in Morris County for burglary and possession of a controlled dangerous substance, according to the state Department of Corrections.

Meyer was also sentenced to a two year loss of his driver license, 30 days of community service and must pay restitution to his victims. He suffered minor injuries in the accident.
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Railcats Peewees a budding hockey dynasty

The Winnipeg East Railcats Peewee squad celebrates its second consecutive city championship. Pictured are: Back row, from left: assistant coach Jett Sinclair, Jenae Cockerill, Paul'hiver LaFrenire, manager Todd Thornton, Aidan Litke, fake hermes bag Carter Cote, head coach Steve Sinclair, Hudson Thornton, assistant coach Scott Van Alstyne, and assistant coach John Mork. Middle row, from left: Nolan Bettens, Michael O'Sullivan, replica hermes handbags outlet Michael Tanchak, James Pinchin, Evan Chudley, Evan Veinot, and Eric Mork. Front row, from left: Skyler Bruce, Tayem Gislason, Michael Todoruk, and Noah Jorgensen.After hitting a low point where they were near the bottom of the standings, the Railcats started a winning streak and worked their way up in the standings, finishing the season in fourth place with a 19 7 0 2 record."After stringing together a few wins, the boys competed hard replica birkin handbags and started to experience some success," Thornton added.The Railcats appeared to be peaking at the right time as the playoffs began. They won their first series over the Twins and then faced the Marauders in the semifinals. After upsetting them the Railcats faced the Rebels in the finals, with the series going to overtime in the deciding game.Skyler Bruce came up big early, scoring the team first three goals. Still, the Railcats found themselves down 4 3 late in the third before Michael Todoruk feathered a pass to Hudson Thornton, who buried imitiaton hermes bag the tying goal to set up overtime.That is when goalie Noah Jorgensen took over. The netminder made several big saves, including a breakaway late in the period, before the trio of Thornton, Michael Tanchak, and Evan Veinot hopped over the boards.With less than three minutes left in the extra frame, the trio gained puck possession deep in the Rebel zone. Tanchak and Veinot cycled the puck down low, patiently waiting for an opportunity. With barely two minutes left, they were rewarded when Thornton broke open to take a pass and score the deciding goal with 2:08 remaining.
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on Ronaldo return

Ronaldo swappedOld Trafford for the Santiago Bernabeu in 2009 for a then world record fee of $167.9 million, and has enjoyed a remarkable six year stay in the Spanish capital, breaking Madrid's all time goalscoring record earlier this season.

However, speculation is Hermes belt replica paris mounting that the Portugal captain will leave Madrid next year, with Paris Saint Germain thought to be at the head of the queue for his signature.

Meanwhile, Van Gaal has confirmed Phil Jones and hermes men belt replica Ander Herrera are likely to miss next week's UEFA Champions League match against PSVEindhoven after suffering injuries away to Watford.

United's dramatic 2 1 victory at Vicarage Road came at a cost, with Herrera having to be replaced due to a hamstring injury in the first half and Jones suffering a twisted ankle which led to his substitution after the break.

Van Gaal is expecting Wayne Rooney to recover from illness in time to play the Dutch champions at Old Trafford and has not ruled out picking Anthony Martial, who sustained a minor knock in France's international against England last week, but was frustrated to have another two problems to deal with.

"We are going through a lousy period with injuries," he said after the match.

"Martial and [Michael] Carrick came back from the international break with injuries, Rooney was ill and we had already injuries [Antonio] Valencia has been operated on and has a long time away and [Luke] Shaw you know.

"So now we have a big problem. Jones and Herrera are not available, I think, for Wednesday.

"The first impression is not that they are heavy injuries but we have to play fake hermes black belt already on Wednesday and that is the problem. Jones has a twisted ankle and Herrera maybe a hamstring injury.

"I think Rooney is ill and illness is a matter of days, not weeks so I do expect that he shall play Wednesday. But you never know I don't know the development of the illness.

"He is at home, he is not at the club. We gave him a day off to heal the illness. Tomorrow he comes and then I can say more.

"Martial is a foot problem. It is not so heavy as all the media has written but you never know, we have to wait and see if he can play Wednesday.

"I knew we had a balanced selection in our squad and every position was double occupied, but it is only that now the striker's position was not occupied because Rooney, Martial and imitation hermes belt sale then on the last day [James] Wilson was injured. So I had to change the system."

Van Gaal explained Wilson would not have started the Watford match even if he had not gone down with a knee injury in training, but the manager would have liked to have had the youngster as an option from the bench.
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Phil Taylor knocked out as Peter Wright and Dave Chisnall play out classic

Michael van Gerwen may not have been the reigning champion coming into this year's tournament, and he will not be next year either, but the Dutchman's barely credible performances all year round had all but coronated. His toppling, at the hands of Raymond van Barneveld, spoke to this sport's growing strength in depth. Tonight, the opening match did exactly the same.

Peter Wright and Dave Chisnall exchanged toe to toe blows, maximum for maximum, until one had to leave the stage beaten. It was Wright, the tournament's fourth seed and the match's favourite, who ultimately progressed, although it is perhaps unfair to use that word when his opponent reached the very same heights.

It began at a blistering pace, with both averaging imitation hermes belt sale over 110 in the first set and only Chisnall's initially immaculate accuracy on the doubles separating the pair. Wright bit back in the second, capitalising on a bounce out to then rip his way through in straight legs.

Chisnall could have been bruised by such a swift, ruthless breakdown. Instead, he rebuilt, and took an astonishing 160 check out to claim the third. That began the interminable back and forth, the leg for leg and set for set, until a match most deserving of a decider got one and two players most unworthy of elimination stared down the barrel.

The seventh's tie break legs matched anything seen on the same stage the previous night. Chisnall, in particular, and his 130 check out to save the eighth leg after he had been broken in the seventh had the arena's Smurfs straddling its Scooby Doos. His failure to hold his throw in very next leg with two routine darts, however, handed the advantage back to Wright.

The Scotsman took it, despite his best efforts to stay up on the stage by missing three match darts. Hermes belt replica paris His profligacy almost permitted Chisnall another comeback but when the St. Helens based player's effort at tops fell inside, the energy suddenly evaporated. The bullishness, the fight seemed gone hermes black belt knockoff and with Wright's next dart, so was the match.

"That's the hours and hours I've been putting in. I got here six hours before the match and practiced all day yesterday, just out of respect for playing Chizzy," the fourth seed said after his victory. "That paid off."

"I thought it was going to go all the way," he admitted. "The 130 checkout was magnificent from Chizzy. As soon as he put that treble 20 in I knew he was going to get it. I just thought: 'pick yourself up, we'll start again, it's just another leg.'"

In many people's minds, before last night's dramatics, Phil Taylor was as much part of the chasing replica Hermes belts france pack as Wright and Chisnall. His bete noire's exit was supposed to provide an opportunity but, instead, he too finds himself eliminated.

The sixteen time world champion, who's 55 years old you know, does not let competitors, pundits or Alexandra Palace's tired and emotional forget his credentials. After levelling tonight's match against Jelle Klaasen at one set each, television cameras appeared to show him mouth "I'm back." What might have passed his lips when Klaasen duly took the third can be left to the imagination.

Taylor produced an erratic display, regularly handing the advantage back to the Dutch player, who began in a clinical, unforgiving manner. Nevertheless, the man universally regarded as the best to ever pick up a dart kept pace with Klaasen. At three sets to two, after the upstart missed a chance to seal the match at double 18, Taylor finally met him stride for stride, and then threatened to motor.

A break of Klaasen in the first leg of the next set, the tie's biggest check out, seemed to clear a path to victory. Instead, that path, which brought him to a missed match dart at tops, led to his defeat. His 31 year old opponent pressed on to take it to a tie break, before some fine approach play finished it in two swift legs.

In the night's other tie, Alan Norris, a runner up at the Lakeside two years ago, a debutant at this tournament but the conqueror of Robert Thornton, continued to upset the odds by ruining Mark Webster's new year. He now progresses to the quarter finals where he will face Klaasen.

Last night, Alexandra Palace lost its prince and now, the king is dead. The rabble, however, are rising.

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