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Major cocaine ring smashed as gang brought to justice

'It's going to have a huge ongoing impact on the reduction of the amount of high purity cocaine on the streets of Portsmouth.

'The suspected drug runs to Luton and north London over seven occasions,replica sell rolex oyster perpetual datejust, which were suspected to be half kilo drug runs per time, coupled with the significant quantities of cutting agent Benzocaine, would make this a multi million pound conspiracy.'

They are a professional organised network that operated for a lengthy period of time involving the supply of high grade cocaine and significant quantities of cutting agent from China

Detective Constable Phil Attwood

During the trial jurors were shown body worn footage of roofer Samuel McNamee's home showing what prosecutor Barnaby Shaw called a 'rich lifestyle'.

McNamee was stopped by police in a Volkswagen Scirocco and officers found 8,500 in cash and a Rolex watch.

Daniel Paterson, 34, currently of Heritage Way, Gosport.

Kevin Williams, 45, of Willersley Close, Paulsgrove.

Lorenc Ymeraj,replica rolex oyster perpetual datejust cost, 31, of Lords Street, Landport.

Skender Ymeraj, 25, of Wingfield Street, Buckland.

Stacey Smith, 38, of Oriel Road, North End.

Matthew Hallett, 34,replica rolex perpetual datejust, of Anmore Road, Waterlooville.

George Browning, 41, of Mill Road, Emsworth.

Samuel McNamee, 28, of Rockrose Way, Paulsgrove, pleaded guilty to the charge part way through the trial.

The jury were unable to reach a verdict in Jonathan Palmer's case and the conspiracy charge against Robert Hoadley was dismissed. The CPS are to decide if they will pursue any case against them.

Luljeta Ymeraj, 30, of Lords Street, Landport, and Sunil Singh, 23, of Laburnum Grove, Portsmouth, were found guilty of money laundering between March 5,replica the oyster perpetual datejust, 2010 and September 21, 2014. They are due to be sentenced next week.

Adam Derry, 33, of Raymond Road, Paulsgrove, and Simon Smith, 45, of Wymering Lane, Wymering, who were accused in the conspiracy, were found not guilty.

The CPS is to decide if it will seek prosecutions in the cases of Robert Hoadley, 34, of East Shore Way, Milton, and Jonathan Palmer, 38, of Highgate Road, Copnor, who had faced the conspiracy charge.
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Father's Day Can Be a Small

"Larger companies are exploring, but not necessarily being really fast to switch their advertising to these new platforms," she says.

To participate though, you have to have promotions unique and different enough to draw in customers. "People expect discounts. You have to offer something about you to the consumer, because there's too many other places that are offering discounts and promotions," he says. "The only time they'll go to a smaller player is if it's a better value."

To draw customers in, create a specific Father's Day landing page for your website that leads customers to a Father's Day section, or target specific audiences through Facebook.

"You might not want to advertise the Rolex watch to the kid, but to the wife," Kirshner says. "Small guys can be a little bit more flexible in that by being nimble they can try things and experiment."

Kirshner also suggests negotiating with vendors and manufacturers to get price breaks on items bought in bulk,replica rolex datejust 2.

"We went back to manufacturers and asked for a one time exception to move extra products," he says. The company was able to maintain their margins by offering discounts to customers and getting price breaks from vendors.

Playing up your niche can be especially effective during holidays.

"For us, Father's Day is like a second Christmas,replica rolex mens oyster perpetual datejust," says Alan Au, whose father started Jimmy Au's for Men 5'8" and Under. The store began by targeting jockeys and now caters to shorter men in entertainment and Hollywood.

Even with a niche, Au suggests that small business owners experiment to find new ways of getting customers in the door. He prefers to "celebrate" some of the more unusual holidays,rolex datejust oyster replica, like National Doughnut Day, for instance.

"How much does it cost to bring in a few dozen doughnuts into the store? It makes it more fun to get customers in," Au says.

"A promotion without a theme is boring,replica rolex oyster perpetual datejust mens, and I'm not convinced the discount alone is the draw to people coming in," Au says. "I know what most of my customers do for a living. I know their spouses' names.
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Either the new Oyster Perpetual or the Rolex Submariner SS Black,replica rolex oyster perpetual datejust value

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I having a tough time choosing because I can seem to decide which one I like more,replica rolex oyster perpetual lady datejust. Are either of them more or less versatile than the other for wear in various occasions? Is buying a black submariner the equivalent of buying the "most popular" rolex watch just because its rolex?

Would appreciate any opinions you guys could share! thanks!The Submariner is timeless,replica buy rolex oyster perpetual datejust, and the black sub c is an example of a very small number of watches that can be worn in literally every occasion. The OP is a little more formal, but still fairly versatile. In terms of dressing up/down, you about even.

It should just be a question of personality in theory (sporty/businessy) but frankly there a reason that the Submariner is the Rolex for most people, and that because there something about it that we can really explain. For all its definitively masculine and sporty design, there something refined and elegant about it, and it lends itself to being the perfect companion for every occasion.

I seen the new OP. It beautiful. But despite the beautiful dial and the nice revised bracelet and 39mm size,replica ladies rolex datejust, the Submariner still just reaches a part of my soul that the OP can If I had to buy one Rolex to wear for the rest of my life (and it couldn be a GMT Master), it would have to be a Submariner.
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Old Al Pacino Tony Award and Golden Globe go on auction,cartier replica love ring yellow gold

If you have enough money, you might soon be able to say hello to two of Al Pacino former little friends.

The Goldin Auctions company is offering a treasure chest of celebrity items online this winter, including Frank Sinatra sailor costume from the 1945 film Aweigh,cartier replica ring white gold, a Les Paul guitar owned by both Joe Walsh and Jimmy Page, and a Tony Award and a Golden Globe won by Pacino.

Ken Goldin, owner of the West Berlin, New Jersey, auction house, said this week that two awards by the same actor rarely if ever become available together.

use a sports metaphor,rose gold replica cartier love ring, you not going to get Michael Jordan championship ring. You not going to get Michael Jordan most valuable player award, he said. never going to let them go. minimum bid on the Tony is $10,000 and the Golden Globe is $25,diamond replica cartier ring,000. By way of comparison, John Wayne Golden Globe for Grit went for $143,400 at auction in 2011. Goldin said he expects the Pacino items to go up to 10 times the minimum bids.

The auction will open for preview later this week and bids will be accepted starting Jan. 12 through Feb. 7.

The Tony is the one Pacino won in 1969 for best featured actor in a Tiger Wear a Necktie? The Golden Globe is the one he won in 1973 for playing the anti corruption New York police officer in recipients of both awards are first required to offer their prizes back to the organization before they are offered for sale elsewhere but the Pacino awards pre date that rule. Pacino gave the awards to his mentor and manager, the film producer Martin Bregman, who gave them to Goldin Auctions.

The auction also includes a gold Rolex watch Pacino gave to Bregman inscribed MR. B WITH LOVE MR. P and a collection of seven Pacino scripts, including the 62 page Job by Frank Pierson dated Aug. 23, 1973. The film later became renamed Day Afternoon. guitar on offer is a replica 1959 Gibson tobacco sunburst custom Les Paul that Page bought from Eagles guitarist Walsh in 1969. The Led Zeppelin guitarist apparently loved the instrument so much he commissioned three exact replicas of it. The minimum bid is $20,000.
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Hollywood stars' drug doctor 'duped sick patients'

A DOCTOR accused of catering to the drug demands of Winona Ryder also took advantage of genuinely sick patients while they were under the influence of narcotics he prescribed, it has been alleged.

Despite being exposed in court earlier this month for feeding the addictions of the Hollywood elite, such as the film actress Ryder, and Courtney Love, the widow of the rock star Kurt Cobain, it has emerged Jules Lusman also profited from the weaknesses of ordinary patients who were chronically ill or mentally unstable.

The California Medical Board revoked Lusman's licence on the same day as Ryder was sentenced to probation and drug counselling for shoplifting earlier this month. At Ryder's trial, the Los Angeles deputy district attorney,gold replica cartier ring, Ann Rundle,cartier replica love ring, revealed that the actress had more painkillers in her handbag when she was arrested "than would be given to a person with a terminal disease".

He solicited patients by placing advertisements in Yellow Pages and leaving leaflets at hotels,cartier replica men wedding ring, then took financial advantage of them wherever possible, the report reveals.

Among testimony given to the medical board is a claim from one patient, aged in his thirties, that he could not find his Rolex watch after a house visit from Lusman. He later spotted it on Lusman's wrist but, when challenged, the doctor produced a signed document showing that the patient had agreed to sell it to him. The patient told the medical board that he believes he was persuaded to hand over the watch while in a narcotic haze.

In another case, Lusman borrowed $164,000 (116,000) from a patient, the medical board report alleges, while another was asked to co sign his mortgage application after being injected with painkilling drugs. The patient had various medical problems including chronic migraines .

Lusman, now in his native South Africa while he appeals the ruling, claims he has acted ethically and legally throughout and that he merely helped patients in need. But his former assistant, Sadie Batres, described him as "more of a car salesman than a doctor".

Another patient, a 69 year old suffering from manic depression and identified in documents as RH, who later committed suicide, claimed Lusman sorted through his personal financial papers during a visit to prescribe drugs.

"He said that I was going to be rich because I owned a lot of good stocks,cartier replica yellow gold love ring," a court declaration from RH stated. RH gave Lusman a cheque for $20,000 on the understanding that it would be invested for him, along with an expensive Japanese print that the doctor had offered to get valued, but which later emerged for sale at an art gallery.
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Trial starts for suspect in city

Both defendants have pleaded not guilty, and Steele's lawyer claims the evidence pointed away from his client and perhaps to Steele's brother Mark Steele,love replica cartier ring, who might testify against his sibling. on March 24, 2010.

The pair stuffed watches and jewelry into blue laundry bags. A witness followed the suspects and saw them get in a stolen pickup that later was found abandoned near the mall.

Investigators got a break when Mark Steele tried to sell some of the jewelry, records show. In summer 2010,cartier replica rolling ring with diamonds, he gave a woman's Rolex and diamond rings to a friend who took them to pawnshops in Oklahoma City, records said.

One jeweler ran the watch's serial number, found it was stolen from Lee Michaels, and informed police,cartier replica love ring diamonds, who called SAPD, records show. Days later, the FBI raided the Oklahoma City home of Mark Steele.

There, agents found 47 Rolex watches, 29 rings, two necklaces,cartier replica ring gold, two bracelets, earrings and a pendant. All were found to have been stolen from Lee Michaels.

The agents also raided Marvin Steele's house and found a blue laundry bag identical to the ones used in the March 2010 robbery.

Initial suspicions were on Mark Steele, but the civilian employee at Tinker AFB had an alibi: He was at work the day of the heist.

Mark Steele told agents that Marvin Steele and Kirk showed up at his home the night of the robbery with blue laundry bags full of jewelry and Mark Steele agreed when the two asked him to hide the jewelry there, Ramos testified.

Ramos also testified about a series of calls on Marvin Steele's cellphone that placed him traveling south to San Antonio, and being near North Star Mall before the robbery.
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Buyer beware of counterfeit goods

As we are about to enter the Christmas shopping season,van cleef arpels knock off necklace, I reminded of a comedian I once heard cracking wise about how uneducated shoppers are.

need to do a little research, he reasoned. would you pay $8,000 for a Rolex watch when you can get one in New York City for 50 bucks? And the guy may toss in a hot dog, and there no line up. Falconi is executive vice president of CSA International, who, along with the RCMP and other associations, founded the Canadian Anti Counterfeiting Network (CACN).

He says counterfeiters have greatly expanded their playing field,van cleef and arpel knock off necklace.

one time they focused on high end goods and clothing like Rolex and Gucci, but now no product is exempt, said Falconi. from electrical cords, car parts, pharmaceuticals, propane gas parts as well as hockey helmets are all being counterfeited. notes in many cases these bogus products can kill people.

For example, I don think any parent wants their child playing hockey with a helmet incapable of offering any real protection.

Counterfeit products are also a threat to the economy, as legitimate manufacturers lose business to illegal ones who churn out cheaper, dangerous products.

The CSA says they also represent a liability risk and compromise brand integrity.

counterfeiters are very smart, they are rooks, crooks and schnooks who know they need a certification mark on their bogus product, so they try to counterfeit our CSA mark, said Falconi.

The RCMP estimates counterfeiting is a billion dollar a year business in Canada and it believed it accounts for up to 10% of the global economy.

Sadly, Canada lags behind other nations in the fight against counterfeiting and the piracy of CDs,van cleef & arpels fake necklace, DVDs and books.

It not that we don care. Rather, it seems we are deeply in need of new legislation and stiffer penalties.

They met with two parliamentary standing committees and presented their concerns regarding the need for more resources to investigate counterfeiting, stiffer penalties, including imprisonment, and the creation of an intellectual property crime task force,van cleef copy necklace, among other recommendations.
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Rolex Bracelets,van cleef replica alhambra necklace

There are several different Rolex watch collections. The majority of watches within a collection will feature the same style of bracelet. For instance,van cleef and arpels clover copy necklace, watches that are part of the oyster collection like the Explorer and Submariner will have oyster bracelets. This means that they are crafted in the same way and share similar specs. However, it does not mean that the bands will be identical in appearance.

Rolex bracelets can be found in yellow gold, white gold, steel, platinum,van cleef clover fake necklace, and leather. There are several different styles of band crafted from each material, and many bands actually feature a combination of metals. Bands are designed with both form and function in mind. This means that they will serve their purpose and last for a long time,van cleef knock off necklace, but they will also complement the overall appearance of the person who is wearing the watch.

It is, however, safe to say that the addition of diamonds to a Rolex band will often increase its appeal. Diamonds can be placed on 18k gold bands. They can also be used to make platinum or steel bands sparkle. Some specialty bracelets also feature rubies and sapphires. If precious stones are too much for some people, they can choose to enhance their bracelets through the traditional art of engraving.
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Scam CBS Los Angeles,clover necklace knock off van cleef

Principal: Door To Door Solicitation A ScamParents were warned to be on alert for people going door to door, asking for money to support the Newport Harbor High School's Regional Occupational Program.

Santa Ana Police Search For Suspected Thief Who Steals Rolex Watch In Clever ScamDavid Vasquez lives in Ontario but is now on the run with at least three warrants out for his arrest.

Homeowners Lured Into Debt Trap By Dubious Claims Of Government ProgramAfter a CBS2 investigation, the California legislature is moving toward tougher disclosure laws for lenders and contractors who sell private loans to homeowners for energy efficiency upgrades. Some borrowers have been lured by false promises of government subsidies and rebates.

Grandma Who Lost Savings Wins $15M In Case Against MetLife, SubsidiariesA Simi Valley grandmother who lost her life savings in a real estate investment scam offered by an insurance agent was awarded more than $15 million Wednesday in a lawsuit against MetLife and two subsidiaries.

Only On 2: Mother Of 4 Credited With Helping Bust Alleged Apartment Rental Scam Artist In San Jacinto

Woman Accused Of Scamming Girl Scout Troop Out Of Beach VacationNew images of the person of interest in a scam that robbed a Girl Scout Troop of their summer vacation in Huntington Beach have surfaced, police say.

Only On 2: Westside Restaurants Say They Been Duped By Man Claiming To Be Member Of UCLA Rugby Team Doing Fundraiser"I felt stupid to be honest with you," said Nicholas Bishop of Aussie Pie Kitchen.

Orange County DA Office Warns Of IRS Phone ScamThe Orange County District Attorney office warned citizens Tuesday against falling prey to an IRS phone scam timed to coincide with tax season.

A $38K Luxury Car For Only $9K,van cleef and arpels replica clover necklace? Police Cite Latest Scam And Victim Warns Potential BuyersPolice in Santa Ana believe there are more victims out there,van cleef necklace copy alhambra.

Thousands Stolen From OC Car Buyers In Elaborate Craigslist ScamPolice say a man suspected of selling high end cars on Craigslist that he didn't actually own may have more victims,van cleef necklace fake alhambra.

Fake Priest Sentenced To Jail For Swindling Los Angeles ParishionersA man has been sentenced to a year in Los Angeles County jail for swindling parishioners while posing as a Roman Catholic priest.
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Three Men Convicted of Killing Ngor

Despite his wealth, Ngor continued to live in his modest apartment near Dodger Stadium marked with gang graffiti. He spent money on several causes, invested in business ventures in Cambodia to rebuild the country and worked here to combat gang violence.

"My uncle, when he spoke to [students] . . . always told them to stay away from gangs and work hard in school," his tearful niece, Sophia, told reporters Thursday.

"What these defendants did was take the life of an unbelievable human being, doctor, Academy Award winner and great humanitarian," prosecutor Hum said during his closing remarks to one jury. "Dr. Haing Ngor survived the killing fields of Cambodia,van cleef fake bracelets, where over 1 million people died, just to be murdered in the killing streets of Los Angeles."

As proof, Hum relied heavily on taped testimony by witnesses who later recanted their accounts during the trial. (Their reversal,bracelet replica van cleef, Hum told jurors, was extremely common in gang cases in which witnesses are afraid of retaliation.)On tape recorded accounts made to police, two witnesses placed the defendants at the scene of the crime on the night of the murder, saying that they saw Lim, Tan and Chan running from Ngor's apartment complex and that they gave them a ride.

But the same witnesses during the trial said they either could not remember or did not know what they told police or saw on the night of the crime.

Other prosecution witnesses also testified that they saw Chan in possession of a 9 millimeter Glock pistol, the same type used to kill Ngor, days before the killing. If they want to kill me, go ahead. But I just want to say to all my homies, I am sorry."

The defendants also gave conflicting accounts to police. They did not testify during the trial but tapes of their police interviews were played for jurors.

In the tapes, Tan placed Lim and Chan together in the alley were Ngor was killed and told police he heard shots.

Defense attorneys attacked the prosecution's case as flawed. They focused on,van cleef and arpels perlee fake bracelet, among other things, the fact that more than $3,000 in cash in Ngor's Mercedes Benz on the night of the murder was untouched.

"If robbery is the only motive in this case, why is there so much cash not taken?" asked Deputy Public Defender Steven Schoenfield, Tan's lawyer.

Schoenfield and the other attorneys also noted that there was no physical evidence linking their clients to the crime scene. The stolen Rolex watch and the murder weapon were never recovered.

But given the high profile nature of the case, the defense contended, detectives pinned the murder on their clients, and then pressured witnesses into identifying them.

"They rounded up the usual suspects," Klein said during his closing arguments.

"Who knows [what happened]?" he asked jurors rhetorically. "Who has come in here to show that [the defendants] had been smoking the last of their coke and they didn't have money and they wanted more?

"Is there any one witness in this courtroom to say they saw Jason Chan shoot Dr. Ngor?"

When the verdicts were read, the three defendants showed almost no emotion. Neither did their families, some of whom including the mothers of Tan and Lim also survived the Khmer Rouge.

"They've lived through Pol Pot," said Jack Ong, executive director of the Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation. "This is how they face tragedy. They just stay stone faced."

Still, the pain was visible in their eyes.

Chan's mother at one point held Tan's mother's knee, comforting her.

Lim's older brother, who requested that his name not be used, said his family was completely "shocked by the verdict."

"I am really glad they found the murderers who were involved," said Kimthai Rich Kuoch, acting executive director of the Cambodian Assn. of America, a refugee social services organization. "Someone was actually arrested, tried and convicted, unlike three murders here of Cambodian children in Long Beach nine months ago. There still are no suspects."

And on a day when the guilty verdicts brought some closure to Ngor's family and friends,bracelet replica van cleef and arpels, their thoughts were with his memory and the pain the defendants' families will endure.
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