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Watch out for gold and silver jewelry allergy culprit

Spring is an allergic high season, due to heavy moisture, the temperature fluctuated, coupled with the recovery of all things in the spring, plant pollen and fly Xu easy to disperse in the air, causing many people in the spring, 'trick', the skin appears Redness, itching and so on. But there are also a small number of people, only part of the body contact with allergic reactions, to find out the reasons will be found: at any time away from the metal jewelry is the culprit allergy!

Guiding expert: Director of Dermatology, Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital Li Qilin

The so-called metal allergy, in fact, in accordance with the literal meaning to understand that some people prolonged exposure to some metals, can cause symptoms of allergy symptoms. Li Qilin, director introduction, although the number of patients with metal allergy is not a lot, but in the clinic there are still a small number of patients with allergies due to wearing jewelry. Metal allergy occurs only in a small number of people, and no specific age, gender and other restrictions and differences, and personal physical. Most patients are wearing gold and silver hermes birkin bags cheap jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., resulting in contact with the jewelry and the skin near the redness and itching symptoms. In allergic patients, not all patients have an allergic reaction to certain metals. Some of the patients encountered by Dr. Li are allergic to gold or silver only. Therefore, 'metal allergy' is not The representative of all metals are allergic reactions, but only for one or more metals will have an allergic reaction Metal allergies and other allergic symptoms are there any differences?

Metal allergy caused by contact dermatitis and food allergies, allergies such as pollen caused by the performance of allergy symptoms is the same? Li Qilin director said that metal allergy is a contact dermatitis, that is, only the special physical groups exposed to a particular metal after the trigger green hermes birkin fake allergy symptoms, and only exposed to local metal allergies. The food allergies, pollen allergies, atopic dermatitis and other systemic allergy symptoms may occur, there erythema, papules, itching and other symptoms. Therefore, wearing gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets birkin bags prices cheap and other parts in the contact caused by erythema, papules, itching and other symptoms are caused hermes birkin blog cheap by gold contact dermatitis.
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Money is very hard 70 players Xia Xian experience

From April 20 to start playing this game, the game is generally OK, here I play this game experience and suggestions, for reference purposes only. No play on the 19th day no play, 20 began to formally play, playing the job is a nurse. Reeling can take a look at the high rich handsome to avoid As a result of closed beta, there are a lot of activities, a lot of gift packs, for me to reeling such as to play the stamina is also a little better, the bulletin is also playing good, 屌 screen lobbying is me Such people play online games!

1 pre-nothing special, running with the mission is that 28 copies can be ignored, 45 out of a copy of the southern border, and this copy is good for reeling, you can brush the ring with weapons and the like Binding does not bind to see character. cheap hermes birkin bags Although this game is called 屌 screen games, but the rich and handsome is not more than a general level ah 41 real feather weapons almost 500 ingot, brush to your hair, the ring is quite expensive, about 200 ingot. It is strongly recommended not to spend more reeling brush ah, brush to buy equipment for ingot gem! Not only can brush to equip there is reputation here is not bad ah, brush the reputation here can change a 44 hat with 60 accessories replica 2.60 a copy of the wings ah reeling silk brush will be able to spend more than 10 general four, At the beginning of the four yuan at least 10J a reed root can crocodile birkin replica not afford there is something weapons ring, but also very decisive brush many times a day brushed equipment to sell for ingots to play gems, no way who told me is reeling it, This copy of the brush can be replaced by a 59-level hat there is a 40-level accessories seem, here I have to say about the game's plan is not brain damage 45 level copy of the brush's reputation for 60-level equipment 60 copies instead 40 multi-level equipment 3. About double, pre-sent a lot of gift package double, the landlord also do not know how to freeze double, every time a dry disk to open an hour doubles waste. If you plan to play for a long time, then the package to send double double use it, if you are not rich and handsome suggest that you hang up when not to double, or later you will find double really not enough, it is recommended to do experience high When the activities of open double such as heaven and earth ah disk ah What things open double with the system every week 5 hours double superposition have 3 times the experience, the activities done immediately frozen! Incidentally, the next giant shield will be free one week to send an hour double and there are a novice package, forget what some 4. Take the landlord on the upgrade, let's take a look at 50 Daily can be. 50 after the landlord doing heaven and earth every day disk 2 times a double 55 55 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday hit the sea of ​​clouds 3 did not start playing the sea that is quite hard, here I briefly talk about how to fight, mainly spiders, spiders see the ground Of the aperture as long as the ground does not coincide with the aperture can be casually there is a spider to shield the shield about to disappear when the Daguai 650,000 experience of the blood is not bad Practicing there is the door to open the two pairs of Xiannuo four elephant day acquisition Fruit bored go fight again. Say something personally think that 55 after the race against time no need to do a little experience of poor but also 20 points better than the field of physical hangs hit the suit, I do not think reeling can hang over 3,000 or even 5000 strange. . Unless your luck today is Hongfu Qi Tian 5. Followed by a copy of the brush. Incidentally, meritorious exchange of equipment are generally more rubbish like clothes and handguards do not hurry for a few times for a copy of the general blast explosion are generally bound to brush a lot of merits to waste a lot of physical strength, willing to leave more physical brush copy . If birkin bag price replica you look for a good time to birkin style bag replica waste it so much better for a few bracelets identified a better point out of the property. . . . . Division door with the door of these tasks reluctant to do the division door task ran continuously for 4 days can change physical character. Zong Men contribution seems to brush over 3000 Weekly experience can experience up to 20 times a day Science and technology seems to be able to change a double experience Dan, especially Zong Menkan double 6. Equipment Rating This is actually a misleading person to play a copy of the main Look at this thing is mainly to see playing a few gems, do not be fooled by this thing equipment score is not what, except for local tyrants 7. Aster this thing do not mess with the best early one do not use, or you will regret it. . . . A one dollar! The landlord to suck the back of a strong wing to get a stone gone. . . . L asterisk out of this thing rarely out of the gift package is to send an observer, do not know the coordinates of their online search as if only after the explosion of Pingyang it

8. On hook hanging a suit of hanging four yuan 60 can hang 4 yuan. I suggest hanging suit. When the 65-level hit the 55-level long stone can take 1000 experience. . To 66 is not so much, so 65 before hanging suit well. If you where 4 yuan special hanging you can also hang. 9. About making money, I play for so long really can not figure out how to make money out of the main hit a copy of the hanging suit, others say that grasping the monster also make money, but I feel too tired there is to go to the four elephant day to collect that 15 minutes time can earn something money. . . None of the skills to seal the magic book to anyone. . . Pre-stage can engage in a better 55-level baby, do not listen to them nonsense In fact, to the general level of 75 players is still quite hard not get a month's time can not get. . . A good baby is only 100 200 10. Although this game is called 屌 silk online games, but the rich and handsome is not as much ah, it is recommended that you do not have a 1000 2000 or not to play can not stand it ah people are 6 sets of 7 sets of 4 you can not afford to play. . . The gap is too big. . People more than 20 million of your blood 100,000 for so many temporary landlord also only 70 ah can not stand can not go on a desperate 4-level gem sets did not do a good job. Our district tyrants have started playing 7 sets of.屌 silk screen travel is not reeling ah!

report From April 20 to start playing this game, the game is generally OK, here I play this game experience and suggestions, for reference purposes only. No play on the 19th day no play, 20 began to formally play, playing the job is a nurse. Reeling can take a look, high rich handsome free. As closed beta, there are many activities, sent a lot of gift packs, for.
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Poly value smart bracelet

Now the United States Amazon self-employed for $ 59.95, three-color optional, free shipping within the United States. Can not be direct mail to China, over 25 US dollars or Prime members free shipping within the United States, the proposed tax package delivery channels, shipping weight about 1 pound, arrived about 455 yuan Fitbit Flex 2 sports bracelet, with no screen design, More compact, but also Fitbit first waterproof bracelet to support 50 meters deep water, swimming wear no problem. Support recording steps, distance, calorie consumption and sleep. Including the sedentary reminder, will remind sedentary users to get up through vibration. Ability to automatically identify and record activities such as running and cycling. Five small color LEDs indicate various states such as how far the user is currently from the target or notifications, calls, texts, etc. for the user to view the smartphone, etc. The Jawbone UP24 comes with a basic pedometer and sleep Record and vibration prompt function. The UP bracelet and application together, Jawbone UP electronic bracelet can help you develop good exercise, diet and other habits, for healthy people is a good daily companion UP application tracking user daily activities is very magical. For example, setting the bracelet to sleep mode before going to sleep and synchronizing it with your iPhone device the next day, you will instantly see information such as sleeping time, awake time, deep sleep / light sleep, overall sleep quality, etc. Recording information is very accurate US Amazon S code currently priced at 19.87 US dollars, equivalent to about 137 yuan. Do not support direct mail, full 49 US dollars free shipping in the United States. Interested friends can get together to bring back

The Jawbone UP24 smart bracelet in addition to the continuation of the previous generation product features, such as a variety of steps, energy consumption, sleep monitoring and other functions, the biggest bright spot is that by adding the wireless synchronization, Bluetooth Up24 and computer or mobile phone Connected, more convenient data transmission, thus completely solve the wired data transmission caused by many problems. iOS system can provide Chinese APP, very convenient for domestic users, support for sleep monitoring and shallow sleep wake up, sedentary reminder is also a very intimate feature Japan's Amazon spike price 2480 yen, about 148 yuan, compared to the starting Price, this is really cabbage, and friends like friends quickly start, the color value is high, used to give away is also very good with the same paragraph China Amazon 857 yuan!

JAWBONE UP2 smart bracelet, the appearance of non-slip wear-resistant waterproof rubber material, non-closed-loop design, coupled with the flexibility of rubber, wear comfortable, easy to pick. The product can record your daily activities, sleep and diet data to help you understand and improve your health. With the iPhone or Android smartphone APP, UP2 can monitor sleep, track movement and diet 24 hours a day, and visualize the data in the form of charts, users can analyze exercise and sleep quality; faux black enamel jewelry support sleep wake function, Can be used as an alarm. Life, the normal use of the case, charge 1 hour to full power, life cycle is maintained at about 7 days At present, the United States Amazon self-service bronze color price of $ 40.11, direct mail in China, shipping $ 2.85, direct mail to hand about 281 , Jingdong with the same price of 868, sea Amoy obvious price advantage, there is a need Juyou can look at this Jawbone UP3 smart bracelet, compared to the previous generation, bracelet selected material more skin-friendly, soft and comfortable, one Change to the usual variety of size options, this all-in-one code, through the stainless steel buckle lock imitation hermes outlet store to adjust. Advanced bio-impedance sensor to join, to better monitor the heart rate, but can not continue to monitor, a little regrettable, the case of metal elements, texture has improved, through the touch to interact. Standby faux white enamel bracelet time of 7 days, but the body does not support the waterproof function, just do not wear a splash bath. For sports enthusiasts, or a good smart product before the United States also have a minimum of $ 90 +, EBAY directly to 49.99 US dollars about 325, imitation hermes handbag price the speed you need to start, not direct mail, shipping weight 0.5 pounds, the proposed box transhipment.
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New opportunities for Chinese onyx sales

The slow growth of China's economy also affects sales of the high-end jade market. But for Zhang Zhimin and his onyx production and distribution counterparts, they are not worried about and find new opportunities for development. Zhang Zhimin, 37, started his agate business in 2001. In the village of Dongpu, where Xiamen's Zhang Zhimin is located, villagers imported agate raw materials, polished, manufactured and marketed from abroad and formed the largest onyx production base in China. Dongpu village also turned from a small village into an agate kingdom. Shanghai diamond trading data show that the general trade of diamond imports 1.4549 million karats, the amount of 1.748 billion US dollars, a negative growth year on year However, Zhang Zhimin believes that in the next few years, sales of agate will enter the 'golden age' 'more and more consumers From the purchase of high-end jade and other jade to buy agate, because the agate price is more pro-people.In addition, with the downturn in the high-end jade market, more and more outstanding jade carving craftsmen go agate industry. Their superb skills and design , Let the agate become more delicate and beautiful, more consumers welcome. 'Zhang Zhimin analysis said that' they both belong to the ice, the transparency is very high, but the price is a huge difference.On the agate ice bracelet price is about 1 million To 20000 yuan, but Jade need more than 20 million. 'Zhang Zhimin said Zhang Zhimin introduced in the past 20 years,' agate generation 'who worked hard to explore the agate market, for the sale of agate in China has laid a solid foundation. Among them, 51-year-old Zhang Wuyang is currently the president of Xiamen Onyx Association, which is one of the most important representatives of the 'Onyx Generation.' In 1992, Zhang Wuyang, a taxi driver, met a Taiwanese businessman at Xiamen Airport. When he learned that Taiwan businessmen should set up factories to process agate bracelets, he invited Taiwanese businessmen to set up factories in his hometown, Dongpu. Taiwanese businessmen are pleased to accept that in order to reduce costs, they are committed to real estate and improve the equipment imported from Taiwan. In order to expand their market, they use sacks of agate bracelets and rings to travel all over the country's major cities. Attending various exhibitions delight them, In the first year, they earned 200,000 yuan. 'We made the first pot of gold, inspired by other villagers, just follow up.' Zhang Wuyang said that now, Dongpu 400 households about 2,000 people, everyone engaged in agate industry, the annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan, the production world 90% of the onyx bracelets 'Half of our products are sold domestically and half are exported to Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea and Europe and the United States.' Zhang Wuyang said: 'Our main goal of the' Onyx 'is to continuously open up the market.' Zhang Wuyang said, 'Onyx Second generation 'are more focused on doing fine market, enhance the artistic value of agate industry.'

Zhang Wuyang introduction, 'agate second generation' are usually 80 or 90, graduated from college, good at learning new things, independent, stick to their own In recent years, the East Po agate entrepreneurs from across the country recruited hundreds of carvers, for the agate Stone infused with artistic and cultural elements. Agate than jade imitation hermes bag styles hard, as a carving raw material, unique in Dongpu, a 2 km long street lined with more than 300 agate shops and workshops, attracting tourists and customers all over the country. faux gold bracelets for men Among them, imitation hermes collection there are many onyx carving artworks worth tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Zhang Zhimin predicts that the agate transaction in Dongpu Agate Village will reach 1.2 billion yuan in 2016, a slight rise compared with that in 2015. Zhang Zhimin and other 'Onyx II' University cooperation, training imitation black enamel bracelet agate design, sculpture talent. They also open online stores on the Internet 'Onyx consumers are becoming younger and younger, and we must keep pace with the times so that the agate industry will remain young forever,' said Zhang Zhimin. (Finish)
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Lijiang Burma jade stone city has a fraud

My mother, my sister and my sister, six people, took part in the 7-day Yunnan tour from January 30 to January 5 and were taken to the Burma jade city by the local tour guide on February 2. The tour guide has repeatedly stressed in advance to buy jadeite high cost in the shop, in our local absolutely used hermes birkin cheap can not buy such a cheap good thing, buy a mother and sister bought a bracelet (3827 yuan) and a pendant (2740 yuan), and buy Later to report the amount of shopping to him. Purchasing Guide all the way into the store to follow, I repeatedly said that the identification of jade bracelets do not understand, belong to the layman, but Purchasing Guide perseverance. Ultimately recommended by the guide under the mother and sister bought a bracelet and pendant hermes black birkin fake I. Back to Beijing after the identification of friends through the jewelry line and hermes birkin green copy to compare the major shopping malls and found that the low-cost high-quality bracelets, shoddy, the highest market price of not more than 200 yuan, my sister's pendant was artificially damaged, then the shopping guide that Is jade cotton, but my sister thought that more than 2,000 yuan multivariate can buy than the local market, higher quality or similar emerald, but the contrary. According to the tour guide saying that hermes birkin purse faux Yunnan is close to the origin of Myanmar, but also close to the water tower, do not miss this opportunity, in fact, is to deceive consumers, we feel deeply deceived. Have been depressed after coming back, leading to a mother's heart attack, mom save the money so saved to them so cheated. Lijiang Tourism Complaint Hotline, Lijiang Consumer Hotline are not accepted, but also to get rid of us to find the Lijiang Trade and Industry Bureau, we have worked hard to get through the hotline but told us seven working days before giving a reply. We were very disappointed with Lijiang and they treated and cheated us like this. I hope Comrade Roger can help us recover the loss, very grateful!
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Les patients de Zhengzhou avec le traqueur perdu d'Alzheimer deux heures chassent la main

Reporters rire astronomie Li Kang photographie

Lisez nos conseils avant-hier, Zhengzhou, une démence chez les patients âgés a perdu plus de deux heures après son temps en famille pour trouver un homme nommé « Tracker » petit localisateur ne fixe pas un petit crédit. Hier matin, la fille de l'aîné a déclaré au journal Dahe que ce dossier de recherche avait abouti. « Mme Wang mère a erré au loin, 75 ans, portant des lunettes ...... affichage tracker à proximité Municipal hôpitaux. » 21 soir vers 07h00, un tracé de micro-blogging Zhengzhou conduit à l'attention des utilisateurs. Reporters interrogés appris hier, le jour 6:00 heures, Mme Chu Zhengzhou regard inquiet de voir une dame et a aidé un vieil homme assis 40 autobus, qu'ils sont pour le suivi, Mme Chu laisser il a aidé son ami a envoyé un microblogging retraçant l'original « recherche » est une aiguille dans une chose botte de foin, mais cette fois un miracle est arrivé hier matin, Dahe journaliste Daily Wang pour entrer en contact avec les parties, écoutez-lui de l'affaire. Mme Wang côté de réconforter son père de le laisser regarder autour, tandis que la mère porte le positionnement tracker « informations sur l'emplacement d'affichage, ma mère près de la gare de train. » Mme Wang a dit qu'elle a été maintenu, et à seulement quelques minutes, la mère Comment se rendre à la gare à 1 km? Certains d'entre eux ne le crois pas, encore une fois positionné depuis un certain temps, mais a également constaté que les personnes âgées dans les environs du district de Guancheng. À ce moment-là, Mme Wang s'est soudainement rendu compte que le trajet emprunté par sa mère, à seulement 40 lignes d'autobus impuissantes, Mme Wang et sa famille n'avaient que des actions scindées pour trouver quelqu'un. Son père était assis avec le bus 40, puis une autre voiture passants recherche « après le bus a atteint le terminal, la mère n'a pas décollé, mais assis dans la voiture se retourne vers le haut. » Mme Wang a dit, la nuit 7:00 Bell, ils ont finalement trouvé la mère perdue dans un 40-bus. Tracer le succès de l'existence des composants de traçabilité, des trackers et ne peut être complètement assuré

«Grâce au traqueur cette fois, je sais où se trouve la mère.» Mme Wang a dit que sa mère avait la maladie d'Alzheimer il y a cinq ans et qu'elle devait être accompagnée à chaque voyage. Mme Wang a à plusieurs reprises à l'étranger, dans des pays étrangers à y voir spécifiquement pour les patients atteints d'Alzheimer tracker sur mesure, chaque fois que le vieil homme a perdu, une famille d'avertissement, les personnes âgées seront en mesure de trouver perdu grâce à un système spécial. Il y a six mois, Mme Wang dans les achats en ligne intérieure avec un tracker à sa mère, mais l'effet a toujours été douteuse Selon les rapports, le volume de suivi est très faible, seulement un peu plus grand qu'une pièce de monnaie en dollars, qui est équipé d'une carte de téléphone, carte téléphonique en composant un numéro, des informations de localisation est réinjectée dans un message texte de la mère de Mme Wang tous les jours tracker autour du cou, afin de vérifier l'exactitude, suivi de famille composer les numéros tous les jours, la position où le positionnement des personnes âgées, Pour vérifier l'exactitude de la tentative, Mme Wang a trouvé que la précision du positionnement du traqueur était d'environ 90% de l'information, mais qu'il y a parfois des erreurs dans un rayon de 500 mètres. De plus, les commentaires et les noms des routes parfois mal, selon Mme Wang spéculé que cela devrait être lié avec les mises à niveau du système et ce, bien que trouvé la mère par le suivi, mais Mme Wang ont encore des doutes. « Le milieu de la tristesse, la mère juste sur le bus 40, selon les lignes de bus, ainsi que le positionnement de suivi avant de décider de la position de sa mère. », A déclaré Mme Wang, le processus d'instrument de traçage à vous soucier de manquer de puissance, perte de l'information ancienne, vous ne pouvez essayer de réduire le nombre de suivi de positionnement toujours pas assuré Mme Wang a suggéré que si le pays peut être comme les États-Unis, un système développé spécialement pour les patients atteints d'Alzheimer facilement perdu l'escorter? Les affaires sont un peu désertes, les consommateurs ne 'prennent pas froid'

recherche Dahe Reporters Taobao « vieux tracker », sur un total de 44 « Baby », le prix allant 50-300 yuans dans le « bébé » dans le style licou et regarder tracker style. Parcourir constaté que les consommateurs ne sont pas acheter suivi et plus, l'entreprise est le meilleur magasin, 30 jours seulement vendus 11 journalistes ont été ouverts un prix de produit de 50 $, selon les rapports, avant d'utiliser ces cartes téléphoniques besoin de produits , À ouvrir Caller ID et paquet de trafic Internet GPRS. Sa précision de positionnement et autour du terminal lié aux stations de base de téléphonie mobile, dans la plupart des cas, l'erreur des centres urbains d'environ 50 mètres à 200 mètres, erreur urbaine ordinaire d'environ 50 m à 400 m, les zones rurales d'erreur mesurée jusqu'à environ 500 derniers mètres, Les entreprises conseillent, si la précision de positionnement de la plus élevée, il est recommandé d'utiliser des produits de positionnement par satellite GPS. Tracker aux États-Unis pour aider de nombreux patients à trouver leur maison

Comme Mme Wang a dit, dès 2005, l'Agence Xinhua Nouvelles a rapporté que les chercheurs en médecine des États-Unis ont mis au point une méthode appelée suivi « plan de sauvetage », ressemble à un bracelet, une fois que les patients atteints d'Alzheimer de le porter, bracelets Dans le dispositif sonore jouera un rôle. Si l'utilisateur a perdu son chemin, la famille peut les retrouver rapidement Selon les statistiques, aux États-Unis, suivi et sa famille ont aidé la police a trouvé plus de 1100 patients selon les informations système de positionnement de suivi pour transmettre. Les fonctionnaires du département de police d'Atlanta ont déclaré qu'avec l'aide d'un pisteur, cet instrument mérite d'être promu même s'il ne peut que sauver sa vie.
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Qili Silver Zhuang main forgé beauté de l'argent

Comment l'art traditionnel peut-il attirer de nouveaux fans? Millennium à la main en argent plus des éléments de design de mode argent comment pas vulgaire? Yan Zhengqiang, fondateur de la marque Qilizhuangzhuang, a déclaré que ce n'était pas un problème. Comme les compétences d'argent forgé traditionnel du Yunnan pour devenir un projet national du patrimoine culturel non patrimonial, première marque de bijoux en argent faits à la main originale de la Chine Seven Mile Zhuang est le marché de l'argent a commencé à attraper les pièces apparemment ordinaires d'argent, lingots d'argent, magasin physique d'argent dans le village de Seven Mile , mais l'interprétation vivante d'une est donnée la « vitalité » de l'œuvre d'art, chaque détail révèle un sept d'argent exquis miles dans le magasin du village Chine Plaza à Guangzhou, un morceau de gens debout argent étourdissant mur temporaire, Incroyable. La fenêtre montre un morceau de corsage d'argent, épingle à cheveux, boucles d'oreilles, boucles d'oreilles, colliers, colliers, bijoux, vêtements, etc., peut être dit de la tête aux pieds, décoration partout. Twinkle scintille, forme réaliste. Tout cela semble vraiment beau belle encore plus étonnant est que non seulement l'affichage du magasin et la vente d'une variété de bijoux en argent faits à la main, plus parfait mélange d'or et vert, cire d'abeille et d'autres mélange de matériaux de bijoux et de travaux de match . Avec une longue chaîne, par exemple, choisir de lapis lazuli chaîne comme le corps principal, d'abord pour obtenir l'effet visuel brille, mais le plus frappant d'argent à la main sculptée, la courbure de la conception creuse pour garder toute la longue chaîne Sens de l'ajout généreux et généreux du charme de la mode. Qu'il s'agisse d'un T-shirt blanc décontracté ou d'une robe à vent Morina conviennent, il est facile de le poser. Tout ce patrimoine des milliers d'années pour faire des bijoux en argent lueur nouvelle vitalité Silver Seven Mile d'argent village Zhuang dans le Yunnan, Xinhua a cité que ho patrimoine artisanal argent forgé à la main des milliers d'années, attention à la simplicité rustique reflète l'ingéniosité, la forme générale est relativement simple et généreux, quelques autres Matériel avec. Cette fois, Qi Li Yin Zhuang a également joué un 'cross-border', argent avec de la pierre Tianhe, bovine, lapis-lazuli ... match inattendu, étonnamment beau!

Qilijinzhuang ne s'est pas perdu dans la collocation «transfrontalière», gardant à l'esprit que son propre noyau de marque est entièrement fait à la main. Ce noyau met également en œuvre de nouveaux modèles, artisan conçu, ajoute méticuleusement aura unique comme une rose des éléments sculptés de mode bracelets, le chaos texture comme épine Jiangong Li, roses sculptées mignon et ludique, le remplissage Johnson Posture de fleur. Ce réaliste, c'est l'artisanat superbe apporté un coeur par le bracelet peut être décrit comme l'ingéniosité de Qili Silver Zhuang reflète le plus vivement. Bracelet large-corps C'est un style populaire, mais la surface du bracelet gravé 'Heart Sutra' n'est pas un hasard peut être vu. Selon Yan Zhengqiang, fondateur de la marque Qili Yinzhuang, Qili Silver Village devrait poursuivre l'art traditionnel de l'argenterie et faire de l'innovation et du changement C'est la source de sa puissance durable. Que ce soit le design ou l'esthétique, va changer avec les changements des temps, la seule valeur 'intentions', toujours chère. Qilijinzhuang, l'ingéniosité ne change jamais 'Riel Jinyu Joint' compétition de golf de charité de la Coupe a pris fin à Shanghai

Jingdong 11.11 Guide d'achat: Qualité + pas cher acheter 11 jours

Couple de roi hollandais participant à la table ronde des PDG en Europe et aux États-Unis Erie European points saillants de la sagesse ont été salués

Pudong Development Bank dans les premiers services de financement PE de l'industrie

CITIC Bank succursale de Shanghai sur le « sperme du peuple chinois guerre anti-japonaise 70e anniversaire de la victoire des pièces mondiales anti-fasciste acier revêtu de nickel matériel de guerre » Avis d'échange d'informations
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Monti Xiao Bian porterà volare anteprima musicale

donna Thunder Mountain con la figlia adottata appena un anno e il figlio in attesa di suo marito non ha prodotto, ma a tutti i creditori a dun lei, e di vendere Eran. Thunder Mountain donna eccitata poi riconoscere femminile, rinominato Lan Lan, e ha promesso di rimborsare. Ha deciso di iniziare le buone capacità di vita dura appena installato Ray Hill donna Marketer tè fritto, guadagnare un magro stipendio, Rukuhanxin crescere il figlio e la figlia Lan Lan, Lan Lan è cresciuto in modo da consentire l'accesso all'istruzione, Ray Hill non ha mandato nascita femminile lettura lan Lei figlio, e inviare retta figlia lan lan a foglia di tè scuola lettura Thunder mountain Tong fare amici femminile marito Zhong Shizhen spesso per aiutare la raccolta di legna da ardere e acqua, più su Thunder mountain cura femminile, e Sun sta giocando il boss ha colto l'occasione per occupare Thunder mountain donna idea del male, Zhong Shizhen Sun capo ha inviato imballaggio a farsi avanti più volte, Thunder mountain anche visto mente femminile Zhong Shizhen non è stato sposato, due persone si innamorano idromassaggio, ma le donne ancora aderire alle donne Thunder mountain, per mantenere se stesso puro diciotto in passato, il figlio di blu e Lan Lan Lei sono cresciuti, l'inizio, il giovane villaggio per tè Hangzhou Hong Ji, lui e Lan Lan amore a prima vista, mentre il blu amore cucciolo Lei, l'amore Lanlan. Anche se le donne Thunder Mountain Lan Lan anche la speranza di diventare la loro moglie, ma si sentiva alcun senso farlo, ha cercato di liberare il figlio Lan Lei, Lan Lan e suo fratello e la sorella, ma il Blue Lan Lan Lei già conosce la figlia della madre, giusti Ray Hill lascia solo le donne sanno Lan Lan si lasciano al fine di tagliare completamente fuori il sentimento d'amore Lan lei, ha deciso di accettare Hong Ji, in modo da lasciare Hong Ji Lan Lan Lan Lan era sposato, si prega di Ye Tong insegnante matchmaking, vedere le donne Hong lei Shan Ji segni di amore braccialetto dopo un aspetto pallido, ha chiesto Hong Ji questo braccialetto di provenienza, Hong Ji gli disse che suo padre ha acquistato dalle mani di un signore della guerra, Ray Hill donna finalmente conosceva il marito era stato ucciso Bluestone capelli caos creazione, Ray Hill femminile sentito la notizia come fulminato.
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Wada White Jade troppo costoso switch mercato Jasper

Hetian soglia di raccolta giada è sempre più in alto, molte persone cercheranno di unire la produzione sulla giada Hotan. Questo assistenti di band e nefrite, perché la produzione era stata precedentemente considerata niente di più valore da collezione, ma una migliore qualità della giada braccialetti, i prezzi sono al di sopra del prezzo di 100.000 yuan e 'di 1/2 1/3 bianche Guangdong Poly girato questo inverno, e Tian e il numero di speciale asta di 400 pezzi, di cui il numero e Tian Biyu, ovviamente, molto di più rispetto agli anni precedenti. E lo stesso livello di Hetian giada, circa 1/3 del prezzo inferiore a quello tradizionale bianco. Un braccialetto di giada di qualità migliore, molti prezzi hanno più di 10 diecimila yuan un jade merchant, ha detto: 'Alla fine del 1990, ordinario Jasper 3 yuan per chilogrammo, una migliore qualità può essere venduto per più di dieci dollari per chilogrammo dopo un braccialetto Manasi jasper ha venduto solo circa $ 50. fino ad anni recenti, diaspro andare venderlo, ottenere i 2011 'la Cina di diaspro' Manas del titolo, v'è ora Manas negozio di giada più di 200, diaspro prezzo corrente è la stessa qualità bianco 1 / 2-1 / 3 '

Rispetto al bianco jasper più facile da rompere

I prezzi di Jasper in aumento negli ultimi anni, il futuro mercato è ancora molto spazio? Xinjiang vice presidente di Gems \u0026 Jewelry Trade Association Ke Daxia ha detto: 'Jasper materiale seme prima non è troppo preoccupato per l'impatto della giada e nefrite molti fan, ormai, iniziando a come questa band Giada e prezzi giada nefrite così ora. Alto, Jasper è solo un buon sostituto. '

'Ma la giada di Hetian stessa qualità, e Hetian bianco sempre il prezzo più alto' Ke Daxia detto: 'Hetian per colore, prevalentemente bianco, verde giada, giada, diaspro, Huang Yu, giada nera, giada questi tipi di zucchero, che più prezioso, naturalmente, sugna, ma una buona e nefrite, la cosa più importante è vedere la sua consistenza, il suo look delicato, oleosa grado di colore, ma piuttosto seguito. '

'Rispetto giada bianca, diaspro texture è relativamente facile da decifrare. Ma non tutti giada si crepa, ma in confronto con giada bianca, diaspro possibilità di rompere un numero relativamente grande.'

Giocattolo russo Pyrenex giocattolo Wada

Attualmente prodotta nelle aree Jasper sono: Manas, Xinjiang, Hotan, Qinghai, Russia, Canada e Nuova Zelanda. Jasper diverse aree di colore e giada sono diversi esperti ritengono, Giada Hotan è prodotto in una varietà di diaspro migliore durezza e la densità. Anche se Tian Biyu e di buona consistenza, alta lubrificazione ad olio, ma il colore per lo più relativamente pesante, poco materiale giada splendido. Su collezioni in questione, e Tian Biyu più adatte per il gioco a lungo termine, a poco a poco ha cominciato a sentire il mercato è più popolare in Russia diaspro. La Russia Pitt è un tipo di colore vivido dei più brillanti, uno dei grado superiore può essere utilizzato per descrivere il colore del fiore. Ma la maggior parte russa densità blu e durezza, ma un po 'dietro e Tian Biyu, in modo che 'la Russia non spinge le mani Pitt.' E Tian Biyu e Russia rispetto a Bi, Manasi green giada e Jasper Qinghai sono resa più grande delle due specie. La produzione attuale di Manasi Jasper è la più grande giada rivolta a Hetian Jasper. La sua prolifica Monti Tianshan, sia materiale di montagna, ci sono alimentazione di acqua di montagna e materiale di seme. Manasi colore più scuro, e Tian Biyu e approssimativa, ci sono alcuni Manasi Corri attraverso colori vivaci, ma ancora non può essere confrontato con l'estensione della russa diaspro blu prolifico nel Qinghai Qinghai e il Tibet confine. colore gia Qinghai e diversificata, ci sono molte persone vivaci, ma verde nel complesso, multi-grigiastro, dal tipo di corrente prodotta, il diaspro giada sembra un po 'più fragile di quanto i pochi precedenti.
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Soyez bracelet brisé vaut 180 000 clients ne sont pas d'accord ou passer par le processus judiciaire

Netizen 'blé' a déclaré: 'La clé est de savoir comment déterminer la valeur de ce bracelet, en outre, les touristes portent sans aucun prix, le produit n'est pas ouvert, le vendeur pourquoi ne pas arrêter?' 'Prix 300.000 avant de rompre, pas Smashed à dire 300 000 ... ... ceux qui disent 100200 à jeter un coup d'oeil. 'Netizen' bois de lance 'montre également la norme, il a dit:' gentil, coloré, la barre est aussi un village épais, facilement battre Peut être vu après la carte cassée n'est pas des choses vulgaires, bien que la valeur de jade n'est pas définie, mais le type de marchandises, le coût ne sera pas beaucoup moins cher. '' Je regardais la scène à côté, les bracelets certainement pas 300.000, mais aussi Pas ceux qui mangent des bêtises aveugles de melon des milliers de dollars, la fin de la fin est sûr de courir 100.000 ... 'Netizen' parapluie Jade Wei Hua, 'la performance des mots comme la scène est tombée en deux bracelets comment faire face à mieux? 'A Xing Mengjiang' a suggéré que le bracelet cassé devrait être transformé en jade doré, et ensuite être mis en vente aux enchères à quel point le transformer en un bracelet souvenir.
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