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Should I virtualize my email system

So it used to be the most difficult question I had to deal with when setting clients up with an email system had to do with how to determine what average email was to get an estimate on how much hardware was needed for which services. Now I get this same question, however with a bit of additional complexity thrown in there with of these systems can I run in a virtual environment? While this is very difficult to generalize we can begin by looking at the benefits of running systems in the virtual environment.

Abstraction of the hardware from the Operating System Basically this copy van necklace means you (or your systems administrator) don need to worry about hardware drivers and firmware when deploying new hardware. This is especially useful as hardware ages and needs to be phased out.

Routine maintenance of virtual host hardware While the abstraction I described above makes swapping hardware out easier, this doesn mean hardware maintenance doesn need to happen. One advantage with virtual systems is that you can shift your guest operating systems onto different hardware (if even for a short time) and update the firmware, hardware itself or operating system of the host system in question.

Higher Utilization Rates on less expensive hardware Utilization boils down to the amount of your server(s) resources that are being copy mini van cleef necklace used. With the cost of CPUs, RAM and storage these days, one can set up a system running half a dozen virtual systems for a fraction of the cost. This can make quite a difference, especially when one starts looking at high availability.

Easier planning for future growth With virtualization, you can more easily allocate systems imitation van cleef mini necklace for testing upgrades in a Q/A environment as well as taking advantage of the tools available for the hypervisors today to plan when it time to add new hardware to your environment.

These are just some of the advantages of running your systems in a virtual environment. There are plenty of disadvantages to this as well and a very thorough examination of what you are running needs to happen before moving down this road. Remember that virtualization is supposed to be a solution to a problem. If you don have a problem, virtualization may not be the right answer. It doesn make sense to add something as complicated as virtualization into an environment where it not required.

My intention here wasn to answer the question in the title, rather to open up the door to asking more questions about going down this road. Very few of the difficult questions system administrators have to deal with can be answered simply.

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